High Stakes for Village Kids
                                         village classroom 

Village Kids
 Face Stiff Odds

  without BOOKS!

It's a 'make-or-break' competition for village kids to qualify for high school. A youngster's future hinges on one exam. And to be ready, kids need BOOKS! 

Here's the problem:  Rural schools receive just $1.30 per child for textbooks. 
Kendu Bay kids struggle to learn math with 3 books for a class of 35 students

Your BOOKS! donations are making a difference. In three years, performance scores have risen 25-50% at partner schools. High school eligibility among girls is now 100%.  We are improving the future of an entire generation. 

Help kids stay in the game.

Give to March Madness fundraiser

Benefiting 11,500 students in  Nyakongo zone, 
Kendu Bay