Villa Voice Summer 2017
 Table of contents
Museum Musings |  A Message from Our Chairwoman

Have you ever gone to an art museum and left hungry? Feast Your Eyes: Celebrating the Food of the South is the wonderful summer exhibit at the Art Museum that will leave your stomach growling. 

Feast Your Eyes: A Summer's Worth of Treats at the Art Museum

As many of you know, the Art Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.  To mark this wonderful milestone, we wanted to create an exhibition that was uniquely our own - that spoke to our Museum, our city, our state and our region. 

Education Corner with Arielle Fatuova and Tracey Roode

Our education department has been busy both on-site and off-site, fill our community with creative opportunities for its young members. 

Volunteer Jane Licata Finds Art Museum Staff and Visitors a Cut Above

As someone who spent a two-decade career as a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship, Museum volunteer Jane Licata may be seeing a lot of similarities at the Art Museum. 

How I Cook Collard Greens - by Natalie Daise

On June 28, Natalie Daise treated guests to our second lecture in the Food for Thought series, "Collards - Why I Eat Them, Why I Paint Them." Guests at her lecture, and collard-lovers alike, will enjoy this special treat Natalie left for us - a recipe for her collards. 

Feast Your Eyes Poster in Our Shop

We all love the exhibition poster for Feast Your Eyes: Celebrating the Food of the South ... and we think you will too. Illustrated with Shannon Runquist's painting More Maters and Mayo, the poster is bound to put a smile on your face, if not send you out to the garden for a sun-kissed, vine-ripened tomato and back to the fridge for your jar of Duke's.  

OUR MISSION | Myrtle Beach's Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum strives to be one of the finest visual arts museums in the Carolinas. With 11 galleries that change throughout the year, Myrtle Beach's only art museum offers exhibitions featuring paintings, textiles, sculpture, photography, video, ceramics, assemblage, collage and more. A visit to the Art Museum's exhibitions can be enhanced by its lively programming, including artist receptions, tours, lectures, workshops and classes for both adults and children.