Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
September 2018 Dream Journal

Under the guidance of our devoted local preschool teachers our little ones are thriving. This is the first year we have offered a summer preschool and the children are back. What a growth from the early beginnings when it was hard to explain a concept of early childhood education to rural parents.

These smart sweet kids are the future of Cambodia!
‘Travel with a Purpose’

A few spots left for our January trip

Join us for an amazing philanthropic experience in Cambodia. 

On the ground in Siem Reap immerse yourself into culture, history, art and of course our interesting work. You will be able to volunteer according to your interests and you will see the progress that we have made over the past 11 years. 

The tour from 18-27 January, will be led by Jenni Lipa and Ksenija Olmer. Come and experience first-hand our diverse projects and meet our Dream Team. Get an insight into real Cambodian life and culture that few tourists can. Space is limited to 8 people.
Scholarship Sponsors Thank You
Thanks to your belief in the power of education all our incoming high school students have been sponsored!
English Class Results

The results are in! Out of 450 students who started the year with our English program, we have 429 who completed their exams.

Well Done to the 28% who worked hard and achieved the highest grade-A! 
Summer School
As the school children around the world are gearing for back to school activities, our Cambodian kids are just starting their summer break. We invited their parents to see firsthand the many enriching programs we have at our school and many have decided to spare the extra pair of working hands on the farms or at home for the summer and sign up their children for our summer school. What is more, they have agreed to contribute $2.50 dollars per child. It might seem like a symbolic amount in the large picture but it shows their commitment and support.

350 students registered and paid. The poorest students from families with the government support card are on summer school student scholarship.
Visitors & Staff

Our CCDO family has grown with TWO new babies for our staff.

Welcome to Pin Sokpimean , second daughter for our WASH Coordinator, Pin Sok .

Our Computer Teacher, Kosal Sean and his wife had a baby boy, G-Fung , as their first born.
A very special guest Bonna Weinstein and her friends & family visited our projects in September. This is Bonna’s first visit to Cambodia, after her fleeing from Khmer Rouge 39 years ago.

Bonna was on our original Board of Directors and was instrumental in helping CCDO get off the ground. We hope and pray this visit was a time of healing for all. 
Edmund Tucker from Redlands, California is our newest volunteer. He holds an engineering degree in aeronautics but is interested in social sciences and management. He did a tour of duty in Iraq and has owned and managed small businesses. He is determined to give back and this is his second visit to Cambodia.

He will be working with our WASH department as well as helping with our computer labs until early December. We salute you, Edmond, for your service to your country and for your commitment to help in a country still feeling the fallout from a brutal war!