How to Help
  • Call or visit a Vet
  • Send a card
  • Treat a Vet to lunch
  • Pay for home delivery
  • Pay a utility bill
Above all honor them, respect them, thank them!
 To learn more about the history of Veterans Day, follow this link.
Veterans Day Deals

Many businesses offer deals and discounts to Veterans on November 11. For a list of establishments click here.
For Veterans From Veterans
We continue to receive donated mobility devices to pass on to other Veterans and families. The following is a listing of some of those items:
  • Used Power chairs-ten in stock        
  • Van lifts-two in stock
  • Walker with seat-two in stock

In search of:
  • Electric Hospital Bed: We need to locate an electric operated hospital bed that raises, lowers, and bends with electric motors.
  • Donated Cars: At least every quarter we receive a request for a car so we are always on the lookout for one. Would you please keep an eye out too? We need a place to keep it.
  • Donated Wheelchair Van: At least every quarter we receive a request for a wheelchair van, so please let us know if you can locate one!

Helpful VA Hospital Information
For Veterans enrolled in the VA Healthcare system and admitted to a non-VA emergency room or urgent care facility, the number to call for the VA Authorization Office is 1-888-795-0773, option 1. A Veteran DOES NOT have to call this number prior to being admitted to the ER or urgent care but must do so within 72 hours post-admission.

If a Veteran is 100% disabled or retired from the military, and is in the Cheyenne VA Medical Center catchment area, call 307-778-7310 to check eligibility for dental benefits.

To transfer your records to the Cheyenne VA Medical Center catchment area, call 307-778-7555

If you fall and need help getting up, call your local fire department. If you lock your keys in the car, call your local fire department.

Helping Moments of the Month
Thank You Firefighters
We want to express our gratitude to Loveland Fire Rescue Authority for their time in helping one of our Veteran families in Loveland. The Vietnam Army Veteran developed Parkinson's disease, diabetes, asthma, and prostate cancer due to agent orange. As his health continues to decline, he and his wife are downsizing their home because they will be moving into an assisted living facility.

We needed help moving large and heavy pieces of furniture from their home to our storage unit. The items will be donated to other Veterans. We had the pickup and trailer but were short on manpower.

Through our connections at Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, it was suggested we contact Division Chief Greg Ward in Loveland to facilitate this effort. He was eager to help and made things happen in a big way. He turned over the coordination to Captain Robert Carmosino, who became our point of contact.

Captain Carmosino arranged for nine LFRA volunteers to meet us at the Veteran's home. Within 30 minutes, they had the items out of the home and loaded on the trailer. Further, some of those volunteers met us at our storage facility and moved the items inside. This was above and beyond our initial request and was much appreciated!

The Veteran and wife were overwhelmed by the service and efficiency provided by LFRA and are grateful beyond words.

Never underestimate the power of teamwork and your local fire department's service, dedication, and compassion!
October Progress:

  • Received 234 phone calls, up from 170 in Sept.
  • Continued weekly transports
  • Continued Listening Sessions
  • Picked up donated mobility devices & furniture
  • Delivered mobility devices & furniture to Veterans
  • Assisted Veterans in obtain housing
  • Connected Veterans to financial assistance
  • Connected Veterans to VA assistance
  • Provided Veterans clothing vouchers to ARC stores

What exactly do we do?
  • We listen
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments
  • Help with mobility equipment
  • Offer vetted resources for Veterans
  • Suits for Veterans and much more

Areas We Need Help This Month
Wheelchair & Scooter Repairs:
We tend to receive many donations of wheelchairs and scooters, along with requests to distribute them back to Veterans. We currently have ten in stock and need someone in Northern Colorado to check them out, replace batteries, and clean them up. We will pay for all the parts.
Collection of Vietnam Memorabilia:
We know a widow wanting to sell her late husbands’ business artifacts and other items from the Vietnam era. He was an Army tunnel rat and made a 25-year business out of this. He has over 100 tubs and boxes of items. Call our office at 720-600-0860 if you might have an interest in the entire collection.

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 563
Dacono, CO 80514
Tel: 720-600-0860