May 26, 2024

One Service at 10:30 a.m.

Il Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi), The Vision of Saint Augustine

(London: National Gallery, c. 1520), oil on wood. Dimensions 64.5 x 81.9 cm.


In the Beginning, not in time or space,

But in the quick before both space and time,

In Life, in Love, in co-inherent Grace,

In three in one and one in three, in rhyme,

In music, in the whole creation story,

In His own image, His imagination,

The Triune Poet makes us for His glory,

And makes us each the other’s inspiration.

He calls us out of darkness, chaos, chance,

To improvise a music of our own,

To sing the chord that calls us to the dance,

Three notes resounding from a single tone,

To sing the End in whom we all begin;

Our God beyond, beside us and within.

               “Trinity Sunday,” by Malcolm Guite



St. Joseph Guild worked on the church parking lot last Saturday. 

They poured 56 bags of concrete into the pot holes that had developed over the Fall and Winter.

The Crew (no order): Jacob Faunce, Jeff Faunce, Steve Klaus, John Klaus, Fr. Funk, David Clegg, David Kirklin, David Stipe, Lily Stipe (concrete inspector), Abigail Stipe, Nathan Stipe, John Schofield, Frank Mckee.

For the City (! June 5-8

Volunteer Registration. We urge all who are interested in participating to please sign up beginning this Sunday! Opportunities to serve include those who can help with construction, lawn work, painting and more robust activities. For those who aren’t able to do that, you may sign up to pray, visit nursing homes or hospitals, or more quiet activities. There are ways to serve your community no matter your physical ability or skill level.

God needs YOU, the City of Greenville needs YOU! Please consider representing St. Paul’s church in this community wide Outreach effort, and giving as much of your time as you might have available in being the hands and feet of Christ to those in need the first week of June.





The Liturgy of the Word


May/June Calendar
Coffee Hour Signup

Sunday's, 9:30-10:15am, Adult Catechesis in the Christian Church, Fellowship Hall. Join Laura Funk on the adventure as we learn church history, the creeds, councils, and confessions, the major theological debates, heroes, doctrines, lots of fun stuff in our long, long history as followers of Jesus Christ as the world wide church. Thousands of years of hundreds of major and minor characters, councils, state rulers, infighting, struggles, compromises, theology, structure, political maneuvering, grace, and truth. Grow in your knowledge, exercise your mind, learn together on this grand adventure of faith in following our Lord Jesus Christ.-----

"Coffee on the burner. No homework. Just come and stay a while."

10:30 a.m. Live Stream Sunday Services on  Youtube and Facebook

Repeat of Sunday services can be seen on GEUS Channel 34

on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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St. Paul's Young Adult Fellowship - follow on Facebook for info on time and location. We focus on deep dives into scripture, discovering enriching pathways through God's Word and fellowship with one another. The group studies one book at a time, and meets on a weekly basis whenever possible at a rotating set of locations. In order to get involved, shoot us a message!

Visit Facebook for Events


7:30 a.m. Morning Prayer 1 in the Church


10:00 a.m. - Children's Chapel

10:30 a.m. - Morning Prayer 2 in the Church

7:00p.m. - Bible Study

 St. Paul's Fellowship Hall (pizza provided)

May 25, Sat. 2pm - Windy Hill Birthday Party for Deborah W.

May 26 - Trinity Sunday; Celebrate the special person that made a diference in your life with a family dish and picture or story to share.

May 28, Tues. Office Closed

June 2, Sunday - Graduation Celebration and Card Shower for

Brian & Rachel McShane

June 5, Wed. - Sat. For the City


  • YOUTH - Prepare for What Lies Ahead: Deacon Katie Gerber - Before departing from this world, Jesus spent several hours on the night before his death talking with his disciples in an effort to prepare them for what lies ahead of them. Formally, this conversation is called “The Farewell Discourse.” I prefer calling this encounter a pre-crucifixion pep-talk with the 12.

Youth Camp: Session 1: June 9-15 (rising 3rd - 12 grades); Session 2: June 16-22 (rising 3rd-12th) Session 3: June 23-29 teen week (rising 8th-12)

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Prayers for the Church


The Daughters of the King are dedicated to supporting the prayer needs of St Paul's. They are available in the west corner of sanctuary every Sunday after the 10:30 a.m. worship service for private prayer. You can also submit intentions in the prayer box in the narthex.

Fr. Samuel Boyd, Martyn Evans,

John Stachniak, Family of Bob Scarbrough

To add names to the prayer list, please contact the church office.

(Names will remain on prayer list for one month unless renewed)