Exciting Announcement!

The 2017 MTM-CNM Family Conference will be held at the Nashville Airport Marriott!
MTM-CNM Family Connection is so happy to be partnering with the Nashville Airport Marriott  to bring you and your loved ones the best in service and accommodations for our next MTM-CNM Family Conference!   We have reserved a block of rooms at a specially negotiated nightly rate of $134 (+tax), which is a significant discount for this highly rated hotel.

At past conferences, families looking to turn the conference trip into a family vacation have reserved their rooms for a few days prior and post-conference. We have negotiated with the hotel to extend the group rate to cover up to three days before and after the conference.

Note: If you wish to book for additional nights (arriving prior to 7/19, or staying later than 7/24, subject to availability) then you will need to make your reservation over the phone instead of online.  In that case, please call Marriott's Judy Gero directly at (615) 872-2834.

If you have any difficulties making reservations or have additional questions, you can also contact our team at info@mtm-cnm.org.
Conference Registration Coming soon...
Please note that Conference Registration is separate from making your Hotel Reservation.  Registration is required for all conference attendees. Stay tuned for a future newsletter for registration information and additional conference details.

Conference Agenda/Outline
A detailed agenda will be made available as the Conference date draws near.  In the meantime, a rough outline of what to expect is available on our website.

To accommodate the growing needs of our community, including research and social opportunities , we will have some expanded conference activities this year before and after the Conference program.  Note: All activities being planned in conjunction with the Nashville conference for our MTM-CNM community will be coordinated through MTM-CNM Family Connection. If you have additional suggestions or requests for the conference planning team to consider you may email us at any time at  info@mtm-cnm.org

Getting to the Conference
We have picked this location and venue with the intent of being as accessible as possible to as many families as possible.  Still, we recognize that any amount of travel with a family member impacted by MTM/CNM can be challenging.  Most families attending previous conferences have had to travel significant distances and are happy to share travel tips based on their experiences either flying or driving.  In addition to the tips available on our website, feel free to join our closed Facebook group " MTM-CNM Family Conference " for great family-to-family sharing.

Don't Forget...
The MTM-CNM Family Conference is only made possible by the generosity of our donors, including corporate sponsors and grass-roots efforts of family fundraising.  We still have much work to do before July.  If you value the Conference as much as we do, please consider joining our Fundraising efforts in any way that you can.  Big or small, all contributions are appreciated!

We hope you will be able to join us at the 2017 MTM-CNM Family Conference!  This will be the 5th biennial conference in the United States, and promises to be the best one yet!


Erin, Marie, Mark, and Shannon
MTM-CNM Family Connection

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