Appraising values & evaluating appraisals
Tax and appraisal officials are (understandably) increasingly concerned over how current year values, especially preliminary values that have not been certified, will be used in this process related to school funding and tax rate compression calculations.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts released revised preliminary Property Value Study values for tax year 2019 earlier this week. You can click here to access the Revised PVS. These are the numbers you will want to use to revise revenue estimates, and please note that the timeline within which to file a protest is underway. Omar's template (release 14) has been revised to reflect this latest PVS values revision.

In addition to the many revisions and uncertainty there, please take note of the situation in Travis County, where the local appraisal district informed schools this week that it would be using existing values on residential properties and not going through a reappraisal process. This particular situation is tied to a cease and desist letter from the Austin Board of Realtors which prohibits Travis County from using what has been called proprietary MLS data in the reappraisal process, but that doesn't mean this scenario is going to remain isolated to Travis County in the future. This raises questions about a split tax roll, as residential and commercial taxpayers receive different treatment, and it could certainly bring some legislative attention to the appraisal process in 2021.

In the meantime, the immediate effect is that residential taxpayers in Travis County will pay taxes on values that are lower than the actual amounts and school districts in Travis County stand to lose millions of dollars; they could stand to lose even more through the Property Value Study process.

There may be other appraisal districts in the state taking a similar stance--not because of a cease and desist letter, but because of the lack of a good data source from which to produce preliminary values that will likely be used for far more than preliminary purposes. Please let us know if you have been given an indication of this from your local appraisal district.
Proposed HB 3 Rules
There are a several proposed Commissioner rules available for comment on the TEA website.

  • TEA posted the proposed rule for the Formula Transition Grant. The public comment period on that rule is currently open through March 9.

  • There are also three proposed rules regarding district tax rates for which public comments are due by next week, on Tuesday, February 18.

Upcoming Legislative Hearings
On Tuesday, February 25, the  Senate Finance Committee will take up the topics of Natural Disaster Funding and the Investment of State Funds (including the Teacher Retirement System and the Permanent School Fund). They will also be monitoring legislation recently passed pertaining to distributions from the Available School Fund.

NEW On Wednesday, March 11, the Senate Education Committee will study their interim charge on Adult Education and they will be monitoring implementation of both SB 11 (school safety) and HB 3, specifically reviewing the impact of the repeal of the GT Allotment.

Public testimony will be taken at both those hearings, and they will be broadcast live.
Granbury ISD

We are regularly profiling different member districts to give you an opportunity to learn something you may have in common or to learn something new and unique about your peer districts.

Superintendent: Dr. Jeremy Glenn
Region: 11
Location: Granbury, Hood County, Texas just southwest of Fort Worth

Student Enrollment: 7,349

School Campus Configuration:
  • High Schools:  Granbury High School (9-12), STARS Accelerated High School (alternative high school)
  • Middle Schools: Acton Middle School (6-8), Granbury Middle School (6-8)
  • Elementary Schools:  Acton Elementary School (PK-5), Baccus Elementary School (PK-5), Brawner Intermediate School (3-5), Oak Woods School (PK-5), Roberson Elementary School (PK-2), STEAM Academy at Mambrino (PK-5)

What are your district's points of pride?
  • Granbury ISD outperforms the region and state with an impressive 98% graduation rate. Granbury High School has been lauded by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top schools in state and nation for college and career readiness based on demographics, college entrance exams, and advanced courses.
  • In 2018, Mambrino School became a school-wide STEAM Academy. During an application period each spring, the school accepted student transfers from other GISD campuses as well as from outside the district. The elementary academy for students in grades K-5 will focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. There is daily implementation of the inquiry design process and utilization of specialized curricula, including Project Lead The Way.
  • Hundreds of students in grades 7-9 are part of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, a district initiative that provides academic and leadership support for students entering rigorous coursework that prepares them for a pathway to university studies. Students with these skills choose college and are highly successful in whatever they choose to do after they graduate. The program will expand to higher grades at Granbury High School in future years.
  • The Career and Technical Education program is second-to-none in a state-of-the-art 100-square foot facility at the high school. The program is anchored by engineering, culinary, health science, and agricultural programs. Students also engage in a number of competitive events – including the F1 in Schools program, which has taken Granbury engineering students around the world for international contests. In addition, an aviation initiative through The Eagle’s Nest program provides students with the opportunity to build working aircraft.
  • Acton Middle School was recently redesignated as a Texas School to Watch. In addition, Acton Elementary School and Oak Woods School are both National Schools of Character, while STEAM Academy at Mambrino is a State School of Character.
  • With the G2025 strategic plan and the motto “Innovation. Engagement. Leadership,” GISD is moving forward with a district-wide reading initiative, full-day pre-kindergarten at the Roberson campus beginning in the 2020-21 school year, a dual language program at Baccus beginning in the 2020-21 school year, and meaningful facility improvements to support academic learning and student growth.
  • GISD was the first area school to execute an agreement with Tarleton State University to join the Distinguished High School Partnership Program. This provides automatic admission to the top 25% of each graduating school with no ACT or SAT score requirement. The program also provides scholarships for several Granbury students.

What makes your school district/ community unique?
  • GISD has one of the lowest tax rates in the area at $1.195. A 2013 bond expected to raise the tax rate by 15 cents to fund $89.5 million in facility and technology improvements. However, that impact is now only 5 cents.
  • Service is an important component for all GISD students, encouraging students to participate in volunteer activities to assist community organizations and agencies that support the public. Each school year through the GISD Day of Service, Granbury students converge to support charitable groups, work at parks and libraries, visit with nursing home residents, and perform other needed assistance. Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, every student will participate in an extracurricular activity, club, or organization and complete 20 hours of community service as a local requirement for graduation.
  • Granbury High School has a full-time drug dog to help combat drug use and possession on campus. Funded by the education foundation and supported by other local organizations, “Annie” is a regular presence at GHS and other campuses.

What challenges does your district face?
  • The district is implementing a number of academic programs and interventions to increase student performance as well as district and campus accountability ratings.
  • While moderate, student growth and facility needs will be part of an upcoming long-range facility planning initiative.

Early voting begins next week
Early voting in the Democratic and Republican Primary Elections begins on Tuesday, February 18, and runs through February 28 (in advance of the March 3 election). While it is of course a violation of the law for a district to tell people who or what to vote for, we hope all school districts and school personnel will model good citizenship and promote a culture of voting.

In fact, the first day of early voting is Educator Voting Day, so we hope educators from every corner of the state will do their civic duty and then wear those "I Voted" stickers with pride.
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