As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our community informed, we want to provide you with a brief upda te. We recently submitted a letter to the City of Benicia regarding the May 5 PG&E power outage and subsequent City Council discussion of a local Industrial Safety Ordinance (ISO). 

A local ISO is a costly exercise in City Staff’s time and resources to essentially enact systems that are already in place. Our letter details existing robust regulations and community alert systems:  

  • California Just Enacted Strictest-in-the-Nation Refinery Regulations: The Department of Industrial Relations just finalized the nation’s most stringent standards for industrial safety and response which have been praised by national and state regulators and labor and environmental organizations. This includes reporting and root cause analysis of any incidents.

  • The City Has Emergency Communication Systems: Benicia has existing emergency communication systems in place including social media, text messages, cable television, sirens and phone notifications. You can sign up to receive notifications at or by clicking the below button. 

  • Fenceline Monitoring by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District: We are already working with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to implement its fenceline monitoring requirements for all Bay Area refineries, which will provide verified data on a publicly available website.