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Young Leaders Webinar
We’re pleased to invite you to join us for our third Young Leader-led webinar in partnership with our sister organization, the French-American Foundation - France.

The event is free and open to the public. You do not need a Zoom account to join!

 Assistant professor in the department of surgery and cell biology and Director of the vascular research program at New York University Langone Medical Center
and American Young Leader ’19
Director of Strategy and Performance at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
and French Young Leader ’16

  • Topic: Racing to a Vaccine
  • Date & Time: Thursday, May 28 at 12:30 pm ET
  • RSVP: Click HERE to sign up. Registered guests will receive a link to join in the days leading up to the event.
  • "The Chinese city where the outbreak began is seeking to test all its 11 million residents. The World Health Organization has stopped testing a treatment praised by President Trump, citing safety concerns. (...)"

  • "Brian Nosek, a University of Virginia psychology professor who has devoted his career to making scientific data more reliable and trustworthy, is frustrated. Like everyone else, he’s trying to understand the pandemic, particularly in his own community of Charlottesville, and in California, where he has family. (...)"

Can Remote Work Be Fixed? , The New Yorker
  • "As we enter the uncertain second phase of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s unclear when, or whether, knowledge workers will return to their offices. The question is whether we can solve the long-standing problems that have thwarted remote office work. (...)"

  • " New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Tuesday that the economy is not going to "just bounce back" even as the state begins its phased reopening plan in some regions. (...)"
Vaccines & Covid-19
  • "The virus spreads easily and the majority of the world's population is still vulnerable to it. A vaccine would provide some protection by training people's immune systems to fight the virus so they should not become sick. (...)"

  • "In March, when a woman in Seattle volunteered for a COVID-19 vaccine trial, rumors immediately began circulating that she was a crisis actor who had received a fake vaccine. She is, in fact, real, and so is the prospective vaccine she got, as the Associated Press asserted in a follow-up story. (...)"

  • "For all the problems with the US health system, innovation is supposed to be the one area where the country excels. America’s drug industry has been the gold standard for the rest of the world, as has the federal agency that regulates it, the FDA. (...)"

  • "The United States plans a massive testing effort involving more than 100,000 volunteers and a half dozen or so of the most promising vaccine candidates in an effort to deliver a safe and effective one by the end of 2020, scientists leading the program told Reuters. (...)"
Partner Event: FAF France Webinar
Please join our sister organization, the French-American Foundation in Paris, for a featured webinar:

Decision-Making in a Time of Crisis
How Can Behavioral Science Inform the Covid-19 Response?


Olivier Sibony , Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris
Cass Sunstein , Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard

  • Date & Time: Wednesday, May 27 at 8:00 - 9:00 am ET
  • RSVP: Click HERE to sign up. You do not need a Zoom account to attend this event, once registered, you will receive a web link to directly access the conference.
New York MET: Free Online Opera and Classical Concerts
Although the  New York Metropolitan Opera ’s season would usually be over at this time of the year, the institution is now offering virtual performances!

Each title will be available for free from the company's  homepage  starting at 7:30 PM and will remain there for the following 23 hours. All of the performances are among the recordings cataloged in the Met's On Demand subscription service.
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