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VTS of Buford, GA, have over 30-years-experience in providing innovative HVAC solutions and energy recovery systems for their state-of-the-art air handling units. The number one manufacturer of air handling units in the world, VTS continues to design and deliver units that are stronger than ever. All of VTS'
units are built for indoor or outdoor applications, aided by their innovative construction including door skins, wraparound casing design and full
perimeter seals around 
the access doors.   
VTS Rev 2 
 VTS manufactures their air handling units specifically for the operating conditions for which they are received and are designed for extreme conditions. Each unit's advanced construction provides a long maintenance-free life.  
With over three decades of world-wide experience, VTS boasts quality
products and a global portfolio of satisfied customers. 

The prize this month is a 
JBL Bluetooth speaker
How much more effective is the VTS Monolithic wheel VS
a standard segmented wheel?

A: 3%
B: 5%
C: 8%
  D: 10%
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