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VOD - The Covid Killer
A New Film by Writer/Director Jeff Knite
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'The Covid Killer'
A New Gravitas Ventures Horror Crime Thriller
From Writer/Director Jeff Knite
Now as VOD on Amazon Prime
Official Soundtrack - Music Video by Sinner Swing
The Covid Killer
A serial killer the media has dubbed "The Covid Killer" is terrorizing the citizens of New York during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch The Trailer HERE
“COVID is enough of a horror storyline as is, but filmmaker Jeff Knite has taken this foundation and used it as the basis of his terrifying new feature The Covid Killer. By incorporating the touchstones of lockdown, he has created a fresh and terrifying spin on the pandemic and serial killer sub-genre,” said Megan Huggins, Gravitas Ventures Acquisition Coordinator.

Will Jordan, an incompetent detective, and his rookie partner Martina Pippen must traverse the streets of New York in a race against time to stop a serial killer who is taking advantage of Governor Cuomo's mask mandate by wearing a generic covid mask to hide his identity while he preys on the citizens of New York during the coronavirus pandemic.
With an original score by acclaimed composer Tasos Eliopoulos and a soundtrack from upcoming indie artists Sinner Swing, Jay Doggs, and The Big Bamboo. The Covid Killer stands out in the endless sea of Horror films being released in this day and age.
Written and Directed by Jeff Knite, the film also stars Paugh Shadow, Jorge Gautier, Tony Diaz, Johnny Careccia, and Jeff Knite.
The Covid Killer is produced by Dark Knites entertainment
and distributed by Gravitas Ventures.
The Covid Killer was released in the US & Canada on Nov. 2. 2021.
Bongo Boy TV Season 11/Ep.1
“New Start of Excitement”
Artist Name: Kari Wahlgren ->
Music Video: On My Own feat. Chloë Agnew
Album Title: Kari Wahlgren Presents: SlaughtHER Volume One
Record Label: Good JuJu Records
Music Video Director: Liam Geddes
Location: Los Angeles, CA. USA
Artist Name: Steve J. Allen
Music Video: Other World
Album Title: Contrast
Record Label: Studio In Recordings
Music Video Director: Marwah Ghazi
Location: Sheffield, UK
Artist Name: Sinner Swing
Album Title: Soundtrack To The Motion Picture THE COVID KILLER
Record Label: Independent
Music Video Director: Jeff Knite
Location: Amsterdam, NY. USA
Bongo Boy TV contact:
Artist Name: Harper Starling
Music Video: Cannot Tell A Lie
Album Title: No More What If
Record Label: Star Groomer Records
Music Video Director: Fernando Cordero – Co-Director Cindy Valentine
Location: Los Angeles, CA. USA
Artist Name: Rich Chambers
Music Video: High School Can’t Last Forever
Album Title: High School Can’t Last Forever (Single)
Record Label: CUB Records
Music Video Director: Rob McFadyen
Location: British Colombia, Canada
Artist Name: Quiet Like A Thief
Music Video: Travel In Time
Album Title: Through the Looking Glass
Record Label: Quiet Like A Thief Music
Music Video Director: Tom Flynn
Location: Andover, MA. USA
Artist Name: Udo Hoelscher
Music Video: Room 207
Album Title: Room 207
Record Label: Rebeat Digital GmbH
Music Video Director: Marcel Fehren
Location: Steinfurt, Germany, Europe
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