"Joy is a net of love

in which you can

catch souls"

Mother Teresa

September 28, 2023


Jesus Others You

"Jeni" was in a bind. She needed to move a lot of personal items out of her apartment in preparation for a HUD inspection. If she did not pass inspection, she would be evicted. Having been homeless once before in her life, she knew the realities of homelessness and didn’t want to face that again. VIS was called to action.

Prior to organizing volunteers, VIS visited the apartment to assess the situation and found there was hardly any space to walk from one room to another. Volunteers from three different churches offered to help. By the time they were finished, space had been cleared and the apartment building’s manager was pleased with the work. "Jeni" passed the inspection! Although more work needs to be done by "Jeni," she no longer faces the threat of eviction. "Jeni" was grateful and repeatedly expressed her appreciation!

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Share with the Lord's people who are in need."

Romans 12:12-13

VIS friends are thankful for volunteers...

...who pray with them--that's PURPOSE!

...who visit with them--that's RELATIONSHIPS!

...who transport them--that's FAITHFULNESS!

...who make repairs required by the city--that's PROVISION!

...who read scripture to together--that's GUIDANCE!

…who listen and serve as Jesus did--that's HOPE!

Can You Help?

VIS receives many other serving opportunity requests

that are not published in this newsletter.

If you are able to assist with the below requests, or willing to assist with other requests please contact VIS. 616.459.7500

Interior Home Repairs:

Earlene is 78 years old and in a wheelchair. The carpet on her stairs inside her home has been removed. She needs to have the nails and tacks removed and tile or laminate installed on the steps. Earlene can pay for the materials. Contact Rosemary at rtymes@visgr.org for more information. Location: Near Madison and Burton SE


Interior Home Assistance—Camera Installed: Terrie is 84 years old and lives at Baldwin House Apartments. Terrie said she has things that have gone missing from her apartment and she doesn't feel very safe. She would like a volunteer to help her pick out a camera that can hook up to Bluetooth on her phone, and have the camera put somewhere in her apartment to protect her security. She said most of the stuff that has gone missing was in her kitchen. Contact Rosemary at rtymes@visgr.org for more information. Location: Kalamazoo near 28th Street SE

Mother's Helper: Amy is a single mom with a one year old. She recently moved into housing for single mothers in NE Grand Rapids. She would appreciate help with light housework, companionship, and maybe some meal prep. Contact Kezia at kphan@visgr.org for more information. Location: Near Plainfield and Coit Ave. NE


Settling/Organizing: Jill is a 65- year old single woman with chronic health challenges. She recently moved into a new apartment in NE Grand Rapids. She is seeking help with unpacking boxes and getting settled. This seems like a good task for a small team of two or three people. Contact David at dlundberg@visgr.org for more information. Location: Near Plymouth and Mason St. NE

Replace WindowBruce is a 66-year old living alone in an aging mobile home in Lowell. The aluminum kitchen window is broken and in need of replacement. He has a replacement window that is vinyl. A volunteer is needed to remove the old window and install the new one. This project is time-sensitive since the weather is now changing. Contact David at dlundberg@visgr.org for more information. 

Location: Near Fulton and Veronica Street SE, Lowell


Scrape & Stain Ramp: Sharon is a 53-year old woman with many chronic health issues. She is confined to a wheelchair most of the time. Sharon needs to have her wheelchair ramp scraped and stained. Most of it is bare wood. This is a good project for a youth group or team of adults and youth. Contact David at dlundberg@visgr.org for more information.

Location: Near Madison and Prospect Ave SE

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