"At all times, pray by the power of

the Spirit. Pray all kinds of prayers.

Be watchful, so that you can pray.

Always keep on praying

for all the Lord’s people."

 Ephesians 6:18

August 23, 2023


"Marie" is blessed by the phone calls she receives from her VIS volunteer "Samantha." The two of them talk for more than an hour every other week and "Marie" finds "Samantha" very interesting. "Marie" looks forward to these phone calls as their relationship is built on mutual interest and care for each other.

VIS friends are thankful for volunteers...

...who pray with them--that's PURPOSE!

...who visit with them--that's RELATIONSHIPS!

...who transport them--that's FAITHFULNESS!

...who make repairs required by the city--that's PROVISION!

...who read scripture to together--that's GUIDANCE!

…who listen and serve as Jesus did--that's HOPE!

You are Invited to

Deacon Training


Monday, September 18 from 1-3 pm


Wednesday, September 20 from 6:30-8:30 pm


Calvary Christian Reformed Church

3500 Byron Center Ave SW, 49519


This training is for new or returning deacons and covers the following topics:



Community Engagement

To sign up email Bernita Tuinenga at btuinenga@visgr.org

Can You Help?

VIS receives many other serving opportunity requests that

are not published in this newsletter.

If you are able to assist with the below requests, or willing to assist with other requests please contact VIS. 616.459.7500

Minor Home Project:

Andrea is a single mom with four children. She has had trouble with theft in her home. The police told her they really can't do anything unless she catches the person on camera, so she would like three Ring cameras installed. She has the cameras.

Location: Leonard near College



Sue and Larry are in their 70's and live in a mobile home. They have two small decks that need to be painted. They will supply the paint and brushes.

Location: Belmont


Household Chore:

John and his brother are in their 70's and have a window unit air conditioner that needs to be brought to the curb where they can tag it for the City to haul away. They would appreciate someone taking care of it for them. 

Location: Fuller near Hall SE


Yardwork: VIS currently has a great need for people willing to do yard work. The VIS friends referred cannot do the work themselves due to health issues and most do not have family members available to do the work. The VIS Friends live in all sectors of the community - NE, SE, NW, and SW. Wet weather has made this a critical need as everything is growing fast.  


House Cleaning / Organizing: This is also a current need being faced by a number of VIS Friends, in all areas of the community. We do not expect people to do this on a continuing basis, just one time. This is a great project for a group of 2 or 3 people.

Friendly Visitor Kirk is 65 and has been diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife are seeking someone to come and spend time with him so that his wife can run errands. One of his challenges is to keep occupied; having a Friendly Visitor would make that easier. Kirk was a machine builder in the auto industry and loves watching the history channel. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who enjoys face-to-face contact.

Location: Cedar Springs

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