(OCTOBER 8th -28th)

Management is once again offering Virtua members the opportunity to sell back up to 100 hours of PTO. Hours will be paid at 100% of the employee's base hourly rate.

All other obligations under your Collective Bargaining Agreement remain the same.

PTO SELLBACK (Page 70 of your Collective Bargaining Agreement)

34.18 Employees may sell back up to 100 hours PTO two times/year, to a maximum of 200 hours sold/year, provided a minimum of 20 hours is maintained in the employee’s PTO bank at each sell-back period.

a. PTO may not be sold at other times.

b. The program is voluntary, and annual sellback decisions are final.

34.19 Payment will be made at 75% of the employee’s base rate of pay.

34.20 In the event the time is not available at the time sellback is to occur, no payment shall be made.


34.21 Employees may voluntarily donate a portion of their available PTO time to another employee under the same terms as non-bargaining unit employees.

34.22 Donated PTO hours are transferred by converting the cash value of donated time into hours based upon the receiving employee’s current base rate of pay.

34.23 PTO donations shall be irrevocable.

PTO Sell Back will be paid in the Thursday, November 2nd paychecks. No manual checks will be issued.


For questions or concerns, contact a
Local Officer or your JNESO Labor Reps:
Yolanda Brewer (800) 292-0542 x 124
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