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Table of Contents

VINA Updates

VINA by the Numbers

Patient Spotlights

Patient Testimonials

The Golf Classic

The Tailgate

Wrapping Up VINA's Year

2023 Fundraising Events

VINA Updates & VINA by the Numbers

The Board of Directors at VINA has undergone numerous changes this past year. Dr. Carl Mueller, who served as Board President for nearly five years and as staff dentist at VINA has retired to spend more time with his family.

VINA's Board of Directors appointed Dr. Colleen Concepcion as the new Board President. She has served on the Board for a number of years and volunteers at VINA regularly. Her skills and leadership both in and out of the clinic are invaluable.

Dr. Fred Bonine, a longtime oral surgeon and cofounder of VINA continues to serve as the Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Patrick Armistead and Gigi Vailliencourt, members of First United Methodist Church serve as Board Treasurer & Board Secretary/BFUMC Liaison, respectively.

VINA staff, board members, volunteers, patients and donors are incredibly grateful for Dr. Mueller's dedicated service to those in need of dental care over the years.

Thank you, Dr. Mueller!

VINA Patient Spotlight

"My income is Social Security, and I am considered low-income. If it wasn’t for VINA Dental, there’s no telling what condition my teeth and gums would be in right now. Since going to VINA, I have had two cleanings a year, a broken tooth fixed and recently scaling and root planning. I so appreciate what you do. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and understanding. They have been a saving grace for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Victors for Veterans Spotlight

Barry served in the Army for six years and came into the Victors for Veterans program with gingivitis and some missing teeth. Having missing teeth meant Barry could only eat on one side. He would have to

eat slowly to ensure he could chew all the food on that side and not irritate his gums with any sharp edges of food or silverware.

Through the Victors for Veterans program, Barry got bridges to fill the gaps where he was missing teeth.

“Now I can eat when my food is still warm,” he says is one of the many things he is happy about.

Barry praised the staff and providers of the Victors for Veterans clinic, saying, “Toni and everyone take good care of me.”

Barry is very grateful and appreciative of all the people involved with the clinic and Victors for Veterans program.

Patient Testimonials

The Golf Classic

The VINA Charity Golf Classic was on a beautiful course for an amazing day of golf, camaraderie, fun and giving!

We had a record-breaking number of golfers this year who got to play on the stunning and exclusive Lakelands Golf & Country Club course. As always, prizes for the longest drive, closest to the pin, closest to the floss and shortest drive were awarded at dinner. The Ultimate Putt Contest and Hole-in-One Contest both returned this year with prizes of going to The Masters Tournament or The U.S. Open.

The Tailgate

The VINA Tailgate was a blast! We had two winning captains return this year, Bob Cernak for the Wolverines and George Moses for the Spartans. This year, Michigan State won The Tailgate — GO GREEN! It was a very close year, with just over $1,000 separating the two teams. THANK YOU to everyone who attended, bought sponsorships, donated and volunteered to make The 14th VINA Tailgate a success!

Every year, local dental offices, businesses and churches display Michigan and Michigan State jars for people to donate to VINA and count toward that school's tally. This year's top Step Up Give A Buck location was St. George Lutheran Church!

Thank You Golf & Tailgate Sponsors

Wrapping Up VINA's Year

Over the past four years, I've asked you, our donors, to respond and keep VINA Community Dental Center solvent, thriving and moving forward. Over the past four years, you have responded generously time and time again.

As we go into 2023, we have accomplished so much that will strengthen VINA’s mission to serve those in need of affordable dental care:

  • We are expanding our Victors for Veterans program to double the number of veterans receiving free dental care.
  • We have enhanced our marketing efforts to increase the visibility of VINA to those that are eligible but haven't yet found us. (This aggressive marketing has led to a marked increase in new patients).
  • We are partnering with more non-profits serving similar populations, leading to better collaboration and service for those in need.

VINA has undergone a number of changes this past year as you've seen throughout this newsletter. At the same time, our patients continue their testimonies to the changes VINA has made in their lives. Our Board of Directors, staff and partners are the strongest they’ve ever been.

However, we cannot be complacent with our giving. Every day we read about non-profits that are sinking because they cannot raise the funds to support their causes. These economic times have affected our fundraising. We saw all three of our fundraisers fall short of projections this year and individual donations are down as well.

In order to do the things we know need to be done, WE NEED YOU! More than 40% of our budget comes from your donations through individual giving and fundraisers. We need you to survive and fulfill the mission.

Can we count on you this holiday season to remember those in need through your generous donation to VINA?

You can use a check, cash or credit card. Simply mail in your donation or click the button below to support VINA and those in need this holiday season.

The staff, board and volunteers at VINA wish you and your families a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

- Jim Gilmore

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VINA 2023 Fundraising Events ~ Save the Dates!

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