Hawaii GOP Leader Representative Fukumoto
Tells Democrats That Republican Priorities
are Consistent with Democrat Priorities:

Beth Fukumoto-Chang and a Majority

of the Minority GOP Caucus want a 
Keeping Hawaii Democrats in Power. 

Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

It speaks volumes when KHVH's conservative radio star Rick Hamada has a simple, yet frustrating answer for caller Glenn who phoned in recently to ask Hamada's thoughts on Republican State House Leader Representative Beth Fukumoto-Chang and the Republican Party of Hawaii.  The morning talk show host candidly observed:  "Beth Fukumoto votes with the Democrat majority most of the time.  And the Hawaii Republican Party is irrelevant."

Even liberal TV host and commentator Dan Boylan is stunned that minority leader Representative Fukumoto-Chang has put herself and other Republicans "in bed with Democrats" and that she agrees with so many Democrat policies .

On the radio this morning, state party chair Fritz Rohlfing expressed his longing for elected GOP officials at the state legislature to be more of a "vocal minority caucus" rather than the "go along to get along" bunch currently led by Beth Fukumoto who renewed her PROMISE to Democrats just a few weeks ago that she would never criticize Democrats or their policies.

Anyone who knows Representative Fukumoto's closet Progressive Democrat political philosophy won't be shocked at all that she's selling out Republican voters and taxpayers.  Like her predecessor and mentor Representative Johanson, who recently switched parties to become a Democrat, Representative Fukumoto-Chang is pretending to be a Republican in order to feather her own nest, and opportunistically raise her profile.  The hard part of this trick is that she has to fool enough Republicans into believing that she hasn't sold them out every single day in every single way .  To their faces, she pretends to be different than a Progressive Democrat and swindles the support of passive Republicans in her district and throughout Hawaii, while behind their backs she votes in favor of giant budgets, massive taxes, wasteful spending, rail tax hikes, Obamacare, gay sex education for children.  This deliberate duplicity is obvious.

Give HIRA just nine minutes of your time and get to know a little about Hawaii's House Minority Leader, the embarrassingly phony Republican Representative Fukumoto, in this new video documentary from HIRA which leaves you wondering why the Hawaii Republican Party and its handful of elected officials are deliberately sabotaging any hope for a two-party system by deliberately giving voters the impression that Progressive Democrats are doing a fine job.

Mark our words:  Representative Fukumoto-Chang is no different than her predecessor Johanson except in one way :   She still pretends to be a Republican while he has already jumped parties .  It's clear neither of them had any intention of leading a political revolution which makes Republicans the majority party after 60 years of failed Democrat policies, bad governance and awful statistics.  Like Representative Johanson, she's just there to get along, go along and advance her career.  She repeatedly rejects 'partisanship' and doesn't want to fight Democrats.  Instead, she wants to join with them, shield them from blame, and protect their brand. Don't believe HIRA? Then click HERE to read what Bob McDermott had to say a couple of weeks ago.

What's truly shocking is that after her predecessor jumped ship, her colleagues took the misguided step of putting her in charge of the Minority Caucus in the state house for the next two years; sealing our fate through 2016 and beyond.  No wonder Representative Fukumoto-Chang joins with Chair Saiki and National Committeewoman Hellreich in wanting our party to be officially neutral on every issue:  If being a Republican means nothing, then she can pretend to be one.

You deserve to know that the infamous party-switch by Johanson took place after two shocking events .   First , Fukumoto tried desperately to obtain support from her GOP colleagues for Johanson the closet Democrat for another two-year term at Republican leader, joining with fellow RINO's Cynthia Thielen and Lauren Cheape in overlooking Johanson's enthusiastic support for Democrat policies.   Second , when Fukumoto failed in her bid to keep squishy Johanson as the fake leader for lukewarm Republicans, Johanson nearly succeeded in doing the opposite:  convincing Fukumoto to jump parties with him to become Democrats together .   She almost did , except that she told fellow Republicans that she didn't jump ship to keep from embarrassing her husband David Chang.  [Chang is the failed former state chair of the Republican Party, whose most notable achievement on his resume was taking over as our party's state chair when Miriam Hellreich ousted the previous state chair Jonah Kaauwai shortly after he was re-elected to that post in 2011 . . . that is, until Miriam Hellreich decided to oust David Chang and install Pat Saiki instead, shortly after Fukumoto's husband had been re-elected as state chair in 2013.  And the beat goes on.]
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And while watching, keep asking yourself this question:  Will closet Democrats like Johanson and Fukumoto ever lead the way to a Republican political majority in Hawaii which has the power to repeal failed Democrat policies with bold conservative reforms or are they simply accommodationists, content to be in the minority, busy pursuing the politics of personal ambition backed by Pat Saiki's useless state party which is deliberately neutral on all issues and led by party officers who could care less about Hawaii's direction and condition?  If not, then can we afford to have Beth Fukumoto continue running our party into the ground?

The Hawaii GOP has Unilaterally Surrendered.
The future of Hawaii's GOP is in the hands of a closet Democrat
-- someone that even liberals and island Democrats know won't be leading any sort of campaign to unseat Democrats .  Fukumoto's cozy relationship with liberal Democrat leaders, her near obsession with pushing our party down the so-called "bipartisan" path of accommodation and surrender, and her misguided agreement with Democrats on their policies and their failed leadership in the Aloha State bring HIRA to one simple conclusion:   It's time for Beth Fukumoto to go as GOP leader and as a state representative masquerading as a Republican.