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Newsletter #65 -- June 30, 2015
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Couples get stuck in their relationships because they can only think of the two opposite options that each of them have already come up with. There's always a 3rd option if couples will let themselves think outside the box regarding their relationship dilemmas. In this Marriage Message #005 -- Look for a Third Option , Laura M. Brotherson shares some insights to help you avoid this common trap.


Saturday, Sept 19, 2015
Portland, Oregon
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Laura is excited to be one of the keynote speakers at this excellent conference put on by the Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy (NWCHI) to help couples strengthen their marriages intimately. Make this a fun getaway to beautiful Portland, Oregon for you and your spouse! Come and learn how to have healthy intimacy in your marriage despite our highly sexualized culture.

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How Porn Harms Relationships

Do you know what pornography does to relationships? The following are just a few of the ways porn harms marriages:
  1. Rating their partners as less attractive
  2. Being less satisfied with their partners sexual performance
  3. Greater desire for sex without emotional involvement
  4. Trying to get partners to act out scenes from pornographic films
  5. More likely to have an affair
  6. Using more sexual terms to describe women
  7. Less child centeredness during marriage
  8. Engaging in more behavioral aggression
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