CRGC News Broadcast
March 20, 2015

Visual Editing Change Dispute Form



The CRGC Visual Editing Change Dispute Form has been posted to the CRGC Website. The purpose of this form is to serve as a mechanism for disputing a visual editing data item change. The document can be found via the link: Resources, Visual Editing Dispute Form.


Please email the form within three weeks of receipt of the Visual Editing Discrepancy Form. Forms submitted beyond three weeks of receipt of the visual editing report will not be accepted and no response will be provided. 


Please ensure that a mechanism is in place at your facility to share the Visual Editing Discrepancy Report with abstractors in order to meet the three week deadline.


The completed form should be submitted to the regional contact listed on the form.


If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the content of this CRGC News Broadcast please contact me .   

Mignon Dryden, CTR
Education and Training Coordinator
Cancer Registry of Greater California