Issue: #113
July -August , 2021

Ron is back on the Gate

We are delighted to report that Ron's treatments have gone exceptionally well and he is back in the gatehouse. He wants to extend a thank you to the many VCA owners who helped to support our efforts to help with some financial support during a tough time for he and Adria.

VCA Board Notes
The VCA Board meets regularly on the 4th Monday each month at 1:00 PM. Pegasus property mgt. will notify VCA owners about a week in advance of the location which may be in person or telephonically or virtual. At any time you are interested in serving on a VCA committee, please click the following link and submit the form to Pegasus Property Mgt. Committee Interest form.
Clean Machine Car Wash update
At our latest meeting with the developer we learned that they hope to break ground at the end of this year and look to open in August 2022. We are working on a joint Access and Maintenance agreement which will assure our privacy, noise reduction, hours of operation, light pollution reduction, etc.

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Hand Signals - Remember Those?

Most golf carts do not have turn signals so please use hand signals throughout our very narrow and crowded roadways.
Walkers & Joggers on Vintage Trace Circle should be facing on-coming vehicles. Please move in single file.

Only residential vehicles are permitted in and out of the Nuthatch Lane gates - no golf carts, no pedestrians, no bikers. Violators are subject to disciplinary action. Video is in use 24/7. A new sign has been erected.

Please be safe on our narrow roadways.

Neither Aldi or Walmart permits golf cart parking.

eye ball
See Something - Say Something!

As you know, we have an Off-Site Property manager. Pegasus may visit the property periodically for lots of reasons. But their eyes can not see everything. It is the responsibility of all of us to let us know when something doesn't seem just right. Whether it's a light out, a tattered flag, someone driving improperly,etc. Whether you see something in your community, on the perimeter road, the entry road, etc., we need your eyes to let us know what your concerns are. Do not hesitate to contact any of us on the Board or the property manager, via phone, or e-mail at any time.
If you see something, say something !

ECCL Monthly Report
The next ECCL community meeting is scheduled on Friday Saturday Sept 10, 2021 at 10:00 AM. in the Estero Rec center. You can view the archived meetings, (click here) and go to Scroll over to the "Get Involved" tab then down to "Meeting Minutes" then click on the June 2021 video tab.
To learn more about ECCL and how you can participate on its advocacy councils, check out their new brochure. Copies are available in the ECC membership office and at the mailbox area of each community.
Important contacts
Non emergency Police - 239-477-1200
Hurricane Hotline - 877-769-3272
The Village of Estero can be reached at
Jon McClain is your Distrrict #3 representative. He can be reached at or 239-221-5035