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JULY 2024



Boca Raton, Florida


If you are interested in receiving weekly updates of actual SALES or NEW LISTINGS at ANY of the Valencia / Bridges / Boca West and other properties we are active in, please let us know. We can provide this information for ANY development in Palm Beach County. You can receive these updates automatically! 24/7 go to for current listing information.

Join Our Mailing List - You can always click on SANDILOVESFLORIDA.COM for the latest newsletter and website. To receive updates when published, please subscribe to our Newsletter - It's FREE and you will not be contacted by us UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE. 561-740-6995


We track the developments you find featured here with always current listings.

30-year fixed rate Mortgages are now about 7 percent. "Fun fact" - MOST home buyers in Florida pay CASH! There is a tax in Florida on Mortgages as well as additional Title and Closing Costs. CASH is KING! Many Sellers will not consider offers contingent upon financing.

FLORIDA: Why not LIVE where you LOVE to visit? What are you waiting for?

We are assisting Sellers with an aggressive marketing program. Call to meet with us and learn what we can do for you. Sandi & George. We are "Spouses selling houses."


POCKET LISTINGS - We frequently have clients looking for properties and planning to sell their existing Florida properties. Some won't list UNTIL they have a replacement property --- and we consider them to be pocket listings. If you let us know what you're looking for, we can get you a priority showing. If you're thinking of selling and don't want a public listing... we can help you here too.

We work with realtors throughout Florida!

We've lived in South Florida for almost 17 years and friends here frequently ask, "What is a Chicago Hotdog?" There are certain requirements that cannot be altered under a decree in the Chicago City Council in 1976. OK - I made this up. But for those that might be interested, the following is the recipe:

PICKLEBALL - Invented by Joel Pritchard and some neighbors in 1965 (yes, 1965!) this sport has erupted across the World. South Florida is no exception as Developers are now including numerous pickleball courts as amenities - and existing Developments can't add courts fast enough for the residents. The number of courts at a development is a strong marketing feature. Valencia Grand has 4 INDOOR pickleball courts (NOW OPEN!) with 7 outside - as a featured amenity - as older Valencia Developments convert other recreational facilities to Courts. Boca West now has 14 pickleball courts (additional in planning stage) along with 28 tennis courts. Valencia Pointe has 4 brand-new Courts. Where did the name come from? Prichards had a dog, named "Pickles" and one of the neighbors (McCallum family) claims the dog was in the habit of picking up the plastic Wiffle ball in its mouth and running off the court with it. There is another version of the story, involving a "pickle boat" but this one seems to be most likely.

In the South Palm Beach County area there are new INDOOR Pickleball Courts already built and more on the way. The Boca Raton Park District has 6 indoor pickleball courts open all year round. Their reasonable charges for Court usage ( $4 daily or seasonal) include balls!



CUSTOM SEARCHES can be created for you. Specific Development, Specific Model, New listings, etc. If we add you to our search group, we don't contact you unless you ask us to. Why look at listings of EVERY development, when you're only interested in one or two, or, if you want a specific model, we can automate a search of any Developments.

Call us to learn the differences from one development to another. We have updated our development list. Now including Valencia Grand, the "ALL" Valencia search, and "ALL" Lotus Developments. We have added Venetian Isles as a preferred Development with its beautiful new Clubhouse and updated facilities. We can CUSTOMIZE a Development Search or Link, JUST FOR YOU! Ask us.

Valencia POINTE


Valencia RESERVE


Valencia ISLES 


Valencia SHORES 


Valencia FALLS 


Valencia LAKES 


Valencia PALMS  


Valencia COVE


Valencia BAY


Valencia SOUND

Valencia GRAND

All Valencia Listings 

Venetian Isles

Boca West County Club

The Bridges  


Seven Bridges  

Boca Bridges

ALL Lotus Listings

Storm Ready!

We have assisted many friends in avoiding re-booting of wifi, internet and televisions during tropical storms here in Florida. Power fluctuations and surges can cause great damage to expensive televisions and internet equipment. We recommend a power supply for each DVR Box, Internet / WIFI Boxes and at least one television to keep you connected during storms. Questions? Call George at 561-740-6995. He LOVES to help. AMAZON has many options.

Uninterruptable Power and Surge Protection



We personally chose Cathi Lefton's Closets when we renovated - and our clients are always pleased with her work. Working from Boca Raton, Cathi's design, installation team, and prices are the BEST! Personal attention! Call Cathi at (248) 760-4762. Support local business!

We offer a TEAM approach responding quickly to requests to show your listed Property or work with buyers who may be in the area for a limited time.  20 years ago WE were those buyers! We make ourselves available.


If you're thinking of selling or buying, and wonder why you should consider working with us, we will be happy to meet with you or video conference. Yes, we make "house calls."

Why would you consider using anyone else? Really?


"Given the World-Wide Marketing exposure we will give your property, If we can't sell your property at a price satisfactory to you ---nobody can"  

We SELL homes - never allowing buyers or agent into your home with a lock box!

Population of Palm Beach County: 1.54 Million;  More in Palm Beach County UNDER 18 (26%)  versus OVER 65 (22%) Demographics changing towards younger families. New Schools and infrastructure expansion. Population of the State of Florida is 20 Million, behind California and Texas.  We're #3 by a wide margin. Impress your friends and out of town visitors!

GL Homes - is the Largest Builder in the State of Florida.


IT SNOWED IN PALM BEACH on  January 19, 1977. First and Last snow ever reported by the weather service. Weather forecasters were caught by surprise, not expecting snow as far South as here, but it snowed in Miami also! 

FLAVOR PICT ROAD  How did Flavor-Pict Road in Boynton Beach get its name? The Flavor-Pict farming cooperative of about 1400 acres west of Boynton Beach was all farmland with some dairy and vegetable farms. At one time, the Flavor-Pict cooperative was Florida's largest tomato-growing operation. On the planning list to complete overpass and extension from Jog to 441.

DELRAY BEACH was named for the Michigan community of Delray,   yes, MICHIGAN!  In an economic downturn, the City Leaders felt a name change would bring more business from the "North" which was considered MICHIGAN and not New York!


POWERLINE ROAD  becomes JOG ROAD in PALM BEACH COUNTY because there are many turns in the ROAD on the way to West Palm Beach. Yes, the POWER LINES run along POWERLINE ROAD as well as JOG.

DELRAY BEACH has a population of just over 66,000. (2022)


PUBLIX STORES IN PALM BEACH COUNTY: 89; TOTAL STORES: 1,325, the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States, first opened in 1930 by George Jenkins, and currently employs 200,000 people in 7 States



It's likely you don't read this newsletter, other than looking at Home Prices and Listings. Occasionally someone asks us about something else in our Newsletter. We try to make it informative of local events as well as Real Estate matters.

Delray Beach

We have featured activities in Delray Beach for many years. Delray being in between Boynton and Boca is a vibrant "village by the sea." So many activities and events, we can't list them all, but you can easily find them at:


Check here often! Delray restaurant Summer Specials.

4th of July Celebration!


"Often imitated but

never duplicated"

When you buy a home in a Valencia Community, you are not just buying a home. You are buying a Lifestyle. Valencia Developments are UPSCALE RESORT-STYLE ACTIVE-ADULT COMMUNITIES. By-laws require at least one of the owners be over 55, but some allow a few purchasers to be under 55 - we can explain.

There are ELEVEN Valencia Developments in Palm Beach County, (more than 8300 total single family homes) and more in Port St. Lucie and on the Florida West Coast. Each have basics which are not part of most gated "Over 55" communities.  Valencia Grand is now the newest talk of Lyons Avenue with the FIRST-EVER Indoor Pickleball Courts in a South Florida residential development.  Prices start at just under $1 Million. Contrary to rumors, there are still lots, spec homes and re-sales. CALL US!Please contact us before looking at models so we can register as your realtors. 

There are differences between the developments that only realtors very familiar with Valencia Developments can explain. There is no "bad" Valencia!

Start with the Gate. They are attended 24 hours a day, not a keypad. All guests are screened and must be on your guest list or called in. Some developments have implemented a text notification when any guest comes through the gate.

Grounds: Valencia Properties have single-family homes and many sidewalks for walking, cycling trails, and expanded open areas along the roads, between homes, and have impressive entry ways.

Clubhouse: Every Valencia has a large clubhouse containing meeting rooms, card rooms, billiards, reception area, and on premise management office. All now have a cafe' or restaurant open only to residents, usually for breakfast and lunch, some for dinner, too. A large resort-style pool is at every clubhouse with additional resistance pools, hot tubs, and some have children's splash areas or beach areas.  

Fitness Centers:  Are usually attached to the Clubhouse, but in some developments are in a separate nearby facility, housing exercise equipment, steam and locker rooms, showers, aerobic dance studios, and yoga classes.

Tennis Courts are Har-Tru lighted courts. A Tennis Pro is available at each facility, and most have organized teams with competition in the South Palm Beach area. Private and Group Lessons are offered. 

Pickleball  at every Valencia, with organized team competition. 

Some Valencia properties have shuffleboard, bocce, and basketball courts.  

In addition to the structures, numerous activities fill your days and evenings, be it canasta, bridge, poker, or mahjong. Clubs exist for anything you can imagine, or, start your own.

Newcomers are welcomed at each Valencia, and the HOA has meet and greet events along with traditional holiday events and entertainment in the social halls. Movies, singers, comedians, and the like provide entertainment.

This is adult summer-camp which goes on 12 months of the year!  If you aren't familiar with the Valencia Lifestyle, please call us.

We don't just SELL Valencia Homes - We KNOW Valencia Developments



Our enthusiasm for these three resort-style upscale developments does not wane. 

Not just for families, many "seniors" have found the larger homes provide the family recreational retreat for extended families to visit. These three developments are certainly the gold crown in G L Homes Developments in South Palm Beach County, and in keeping with tradition offer the resort-style swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, tennis courts and pro shops as well as lesson and competitive programs with tennis pros, pickleball, basketball, children's recreation rooms, water park and children's pools, and more! Each of these developments offer dining services both inside and poolside including full-service alcoholic beverages and on weekends and holidays ordering and service by the pools. Why "visit" a resort when you can enjoy this lifestyle all year?


Publicity regarding Commissions and a class action lawsuit have distorted the truth about the industry! Commissions in Palm Beach County have ALWAYS been negotiable. We can assist Buyers and Sellers with savings on Closing Costs - you need to consult with us to discuss these fees. Please contact us to learn how we market and show your home and an explanation of fees and costs. Our independent Agency allows greater flexibility to the benefit of our customers!


January 19, 1977

It snowed in Palm Beach County and Miami. Nothing to shovel! Fun for the kids.

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People who use us to purchase or sell their home are happier, more intelligent, and better looking than those who don't - according to a study we made up!

Family at Delray Beach

Florida: Not just for Grandparents any more. The above family (ours!) made Delray Beach their home more than 10 years ago and joined us in Palm Beach County at The Bridges. Now our oldest is in High School and youngest in Middle School. The entire family enjoys an active social and sports life all year round. Our grand-doggy took to the pool life and likes to swim laps.

Covid brought many young families when WFH (Work From Home) became the norm and lock-down at Pool or Beach a better alternative to life "up North." The lifestyle choice of resort-style family developments continues in high demand in The Bridges, Lotus, Dakota and similar upscale Developments.

Summer in Florida is wonderful. We have lived full-time in Florida for 17 years. The year-round percentage of homeowners has steadily increased over these 17 years. Since 1986 we have been regular year-round visitors and property owners. Sure, it's occasionally warmer than New York, Philly or Chicago

but it's the time to "get things done." No wait for medical appointments, no lines at the finest restaurants, and enjoy quieter dining. Get the oil changed in 30 minutes! Tons of dining specials, including Miami Spice, Flavor Palm Beach and Delray Restaurants promotions. While we miss the seasonal guests, Palm Beach County year-round population has continued to grown in the 20 years we've been visiting or living here. A great time for a visit to the Florida Keys or our favorite, Sanibel / Captiva Islands. Florida residents enjoy reduced rates at most resorts.


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Sandi and George

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