April 6, 2023

3 (More) Ways to Use Innovation & Entrepreneurship to Provide Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

This update is the second installment in our 3-part series on using innovation and entrepreneurship to provide differentiated instruction easily in your classroom.

Part 2: Struggling Learners

Innovation and entrepreneurship offer an alternative and easier way to help you understand each student's academic abilities and genuinely engage each student in learning according to their abilities. Introducing innovation and entrepreneurship offer a natural and non-judgmental personal space for students to demonstrate their ideas, interests, and knowledge at a level appropriate for their current capabilities. The results might surprise you. 

Practice Foundational Skills

Invention lets students demonstrate their knowledge in multiple ways – draw, build, write, present, etc. – so they can express their ideas. An invention-focused space also provides a low-stress way for students to practice foundational skills and show what they know.



Invention and the engineering process are built around the concept of iteration. This enables students to create a final product in steps and includes a natural space for improvement. It also provides a collaborative environment where everyone gets support and feedback from their teachers and peers.

Relatable Role Models for Everyone

Using innovation and entrepreneurship as a platform, the stories of inventors and entrepreneurs show ALL students that there is place for them at the STEM "table." The path of the entrepreneur is rarely a straight line and students who struggle with traditional learning and assessments benefit greatly from seeing multiple paths to success.

While all these strategies can be implemented with tools already in your classroom, the CreositySpace Book of Ideas-Class Pack includes tools and resources that, provide a space for students to explore their ideas, introduce them to a range of role-models, and give teachers a variety of lessons to include in their instruction as appropriate and as time permits.

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Tune in on April 18th to learn how you can use innovation and entrepreneurship to connect with and support the English Language Learners in your classroom. 

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