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Scroll below to find more new tools for the week, like a fun vegetable infographic, as well as promotional ideas for boosting sales.

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Bring your kids (or nephews/nieces/grandkids) with you to the market, farmstand, or to pick up a CSA box. They’ll make memories and learn along the way.

Prep your #paveggies with the kids! There’s nothing like a little muddy water and veggie scrubber to get them excited about chomping on a carrot.

Try keeping a cooler in the car stocked with raw #paveggies ready for snacking and other healthy munchies. This will help eliminate fast food and encourage development of healthy habits.

Use one day a week in the summer to plan freezer meals for the winter. A hearty chili, veggie “meat”-loaf, and soup made with #paveggies, will get gobbled up by your kids when colder seasons arrive.

Create a vegetable celebration! When we turn healthy meals into festive events, kids will develop a positive association and excitement for #paveggies.

Serve a sneaky homemade soup with stock made from a combination of #paveggies like parsnips, turnips, carrots, cauliflower, onion, and celery. By straining the stock, kids won’t see the vegetables but they’ll still be getting the nutrients!

During the coldest days of winter, your family will surely thank you when you open up your homemade canned tomato sauce and take your blanched zucchini out of the freezer, adding that hint of zesty summer to any meal.
Ask customers to have their kids pick out their top 3 favorite veggies from your stand to buy, then throw in a fourth one free.

Host simple, fun events around the theme of getting kids to eat their veggies. Perhaps partner with a community arts group for creative ideas and to cross-promote.

Offer deals on bulk canning produce. Can ‘em while they’re plentiful! Bulk string beans 10% off for 5-9lbs, 15% off for 10-29lbs, 25% off for 30lbs or more; and tomatoes 10% off for 10-19lbs, 15% off for 20-49lbs, 25% off for 50lbs or more.