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September 27, 2021

Weekly Highlights


CATV provides the Upper Valley access to community

through high-quality, locally-produced media.

Find CATV on local cable channels Comcast 1075/1085, VTel 169/170, streamingCATV On-Demandand YouTube.

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"Us and Them" Reflections on Our Community

This summer a group of housed and unhoused community members met regularly in Lyman Point Park to share their stories and break down barriers of preconceptions about differences. They shaped their stories into this powerful public performance.

Telling My Story is an interdisciplinary arts program that works to develop self-awareness and communication skills through collective creativity, facilitated by Wilder's Pati Hernandez Documented by Jay Beaudoin.

Abortion Rights Roundtable

Norwich resident Congressman Peter Welch and Sen. Bernie Sanders respond to the recent Texas abortion legislation and VT’s Proposal 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, in a Burlington press conference.

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Jet Line: Voicemails from the F-35 Flight Path

Watch the film that's generating buzz, literally, across Vermont. A "clever film with ingenious use of sound" chronicles opposition to Air Force flights out of Burlington.

WRIF Emerging Filmmaker Contest 2021 Winner.

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Hot Air

A morning meditation in light and air.

From the 2021 Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. Produced by Samantha Davidson Green for CATV.

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Government Meetings on CATV On-Demand

CATV provides live cable coverage and re-broadcasts of local town and school board meetings (Hartford, Hartland, Norwich, VT, Hanover, NH and SAU88 in Lebanon, NH). In addition, CATV programs timely statewide government meetings from NH and VT.

Coming to your ears soon...

CATV podcasts! Starting in October, CATV will share some of our archive favorites, new SPARK episodes and more to help you access and enjoy more Upper Valley-originated content. Keep your ears open!

CATV Media Labs

Also starting in October and running through December, Upper Valley media professionals will share their trades and talents in master class-styled "media labs," stand-alone, hands-on workshops. Preview at CATV Learn.

Dead on Arrival


Close your eyes. Hold your breath. Now scare us in under 5 minutes! Get some friends together and create a scary, thrilling, chilling, suspenseful, horrifying, terrifying movie on the theme DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Then, walk the red carpet! Win prizes! Films premiere Oct. 30 at the historic – and probably haunted – Briggs Opera House. ENTER NOW!


CATV partners with the Vermont Access Network for HD (high def) community-produced content on Comcast 1070 (VT) and streaming everywhere.

CATV supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

CATV's team also covers local community events, government, and school board meetings for cable and streaming. Contact us to get involved!

Now located in the Hartford Area Career & Technology Center

1 Gifford Road, White River Junction, VT 05001

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