May 23, 2024

Peru Finca Santa Monica coffee is a “Cup of Excellence” award-winning heirloom (non-GMO) organic coffee that is exclusively available at Urth Caffé for a very limited time. It is a national award winner and the highest rated organic microlot coffee out of Peru. Urth Master Roaster, Zachary Fogel won this extraordinary coffee at auction and it was purchased directly from the farmer. A medium roast with an elegant body—it has tasting notes of berry, stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit, with a silky finish of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar. 


This very special coffee was roasted to perfection at our Hawthorne roasting facility with the greatest care and expertise to coax out all of the unique and nuanced flavors this spectacular lot has to offer. It is a limited-edition, single-origin microlot that is not available anywhere else in the world. And Urth Caffé has a limited supply, so when it is gone it is gone! 


Hugo Mariño Laura cultivates his geisha variety on a small 0.5 hectare plot on his farm Santa Monica. Located at an altitude of 2,100 meters (6800 feet) above sea level, on the slopes of the snowy Choqesafra, Santa Monica has a unique microclimate that is perfectly suited to producing this exquisite coffee. 


Get your Peru Finca Santa Monica coffee now at your favorite Urth Caffé!

Available in all cafés, and Urth Online Store. Not available at Urth LAX.

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Photography of Akira Sakai, match farmer in front of a matcha green tea farm.

Urth Caffé’s Organic Matcha – 

One of the Healthiest Matchas in the World

Urth Caffé’s exquisite, unique organic matcha is sourced from Entsu Estate located in Wazuka, Uji District, Japan: An organic green tea farm that has been producing the highest ceremonial-grade matcha for Urth Caffé exclusively since 2002.

This gorgeous, eco-responsible farm boasts acres and acres of lush green tea, cultivated with a great respect for the land using ancient sustainable and regenerative farming techniques that go back 900 years. Less than 10% of Japan's tea production is certified organically grown and this special tea farm in the remote and ancient town of Wazuka produces a delicate and superior matcha tea. 


Urth Co-Founders Shallom and Jilla Berkman and family have just returned from a visit to this spectacular tea farm, where they traveled to help harvest spring tea. One of estate owner and tea farmer, Akihiro Nakai-san’s regenerative practices on his matcha farm is to make rich, nutrient-filled compost made from the herring fish harvested from the beautiful Wazuka river that runs along the family tea garden. Shallom, Jilla and family are happy to bring this spectacular organic matcha to you!

Photo of 2 wooden spoons piled up with green tea powder, or Matcha, with Urth logo.



Matcha tea is a powdered bright green tea (made by finely grinding young tea leaves). It was first introduced to Japanese culture by monks, who brought it back from China in the 12th century. 


Urth Caffé’s organic matcha comes in two grades: the exclusive and unique Wazuka matcha and the organic Harayama matcha. Both come from the same tea bushes, but the Wazuka matcha is incredibly difficult to produce—making it one of the most sought after and highly prized in the world. The Harayama matcha is made from larger, second flush leaves from the tea bush—making it more economical. It is an excellent sweet, pure and healthy tea produced organically in the traditional way—perfect to enjoy each and every day. 


Matcha green tea is packed with health benefits and a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Drinking fresh Wazuka matcha is like taking a multi-vitamin superfood filled with antioxidants, B-complex, Vitamin C, B1, B2, E, beta carotene, iron, calcium, and amino acids for a healthy body.


We are so proud and honored to share with you a wide variety of nourishing delicious matcha options such as: The richly satisfying and nutritious Green Tea Bebero, made with organic Wazuka ceremonial matcha layered with sweetened condensed milk; or Urth’s frothy Green Tea Espresso – pure, organic Wazuka ceremonial matcha hand whisked in the ancient traditional Japanese method. Or our refreshing, straight-ahead Matcha Americano.

Need a little pick-me-up? Try the Rising Sun Latté™, an energy drink prepared with organic matcha, organic espresso and dark chocolate.* 


The Green Rose Latté™ and Green Rose Boba are lovingly made using our organic matcha with Earl Grey, pink rose, and oat milk.


There are so many matcha options to choose from at Urth Caffé. Come try your favorite or something new! It will be sure to satisfy body, heart and soul. 

*All drinks can be made plant-based upon request, and/or with your choice of milk

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All of nature's bounties are squeezed into creating our newest refreshing and healthy fruit juice drink. Spinach, Beets, Pineapple, Apple and Ginger. Not only will this drink energize you, it tastes amazing too! Energize yourself at Urth Caffé!

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