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Personal Use Of

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"Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media Records Management Policy. We look forward to working

with you again."

Pat Cabrera, City Clerk,

Las Vegas, NV

Problem: 99% of employee social media speech mistakes are made off-duty on personal devices. Courts rule that most model personal use of social media policies are too vague and don't include new federal policy language.

Solution: In this powerful podcast, you receive expert strategies based on 33 years of digital media law expertise. You are given the tools to create an airtight personal use of social media policy that complies with new federal standards.

Difference: Similar to the medical field, today's attorneys are specialists. You receive strategies from a nationally recognized specialist in social media law, not a general or employment law attorney. You receive peace of mind that hidden liabilities and nuances in the new speech laws are not overlooked.

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