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Tuesday Morning, June 17, 2024

Dear Small Pawsers,

Sara Rhodes, our Team Leader to IL., was contacted last night about a little female and it's urgent.

She has a severe upper respiratory infection, has stopped eating, and isn't doing well at a shelter near Chicago.

They asked if we could take her.

We already have six new rescues, and I hope I've done the right thing, but I told them we would come for her this morning.

This is little matted "Sapphire".

I don't know what's underneath all of that, but she looks as if she's once met a Bichon, (I see white curls!) and she's pretty sick.

I wanted her to have a beautiful name.

We may need to take her to the ER. We'll find out tomorrow.

Even if our regular vet can treat her, with everything she needs, including 10 days of isolation boarding, her vet bill will run at least $2000.00. Can you help us to help her?

It's summertime and it's been a while since we've needed help for six dogs, PLUS Sapphire, all at once.

We have five now, needing help, and we're picking up one more on Thursday.

"Presley's" owner is going into assisted living. He hasn't seen his vet since 2016. :(

Long time Small Paws® Volunteer, Doris Garrison, will be picking him up and getting him to our long time vet, Dr. Florez, near Phoenix AZ.

Meet 9 year old Presley. He will need everything done. Heartworm Test, Fecal Test, Vaccinations, Teeth Cleaning, probably with extractions, groom, etc. Presley's vet bill will be right at $1800-2000.00. It's more expensive when a dog hasn't seen his primary care in 8 years. :(

Then, In Brooklyn, New York, we have a story with a hero!

Anthony's Grandmother passed away in New Mexico.

No one in his family could take her six year old Bichon, named "Hudson."

He writes, in his owner surrender form, "My grandmothers dog, she passed away May 22nd in NM. No rescues could or would take him. He deserves a new home."


He says: " My grandmother passed away, my only other living relative is my father who’s unfit to care for him. I have my own dog and a studio apartment so I’m also unable to care for him. So I brought him up to Brooklyn from New Mexico in hopes a specialist rescue could take him and find him a new home."

Specialist Rescue! That's us! That's Us! That's YOU!

Thankfully, we now have Hudson. I think his Grandmother would be proud.

We'll need to get him brought up to date on his vetting. He probably needs his teeth cleaned, shots, heartworm tests, fecal tests, grooming, etc.

His vet bill was $600.00.

Next, down in a Fort Worth Texas shelter, we learned of another Bichon, on the LAST CHANCE shelter list. Ruh Roh. RUN!

Meet 7 year old "Gatsby". Thank you to SPR volunteer, Melissa Goeble, for going for him!

He had an upper respiratory infection, and there is no place for THAT in a shelter.

Here he is at our vet's office. He has a little "Show walk prance!" Click on the video!

"Gatsby" has an estimate of $2494.95 - a 30% rescue discount, it comes to $1,746.47.

He went downhill but is on the way back up the mountain now with fluids and IV antibiotics!

Next, we have a new little one from one of the Chicago shelters.

Davis Rann, Chicago area Volunteer Extrordinaire, sprung him from the shelter.

Then, one of our Board of Trustee members, Officer Lauren Throm, met Davis and got him to our vet.

Lauren's four year old son got to name him! He named him "Rubble" after a stray dog on Paw Patrol! So Rubble it is!

Rubble was SOOO happy to be rescued from the shelter! Click on the video!

Rubble is only a year old! He's full of energy and he loves everybody!

His estimate is for $1800.00.

Next meet precious little "Bagel! Bagel is around 4 years old and he came out of a Chicago shelter.

Bagel will need the works and that comes to about $1800.00 including our rescue discount.

Next, meet little Safari, 3-5 years old from a shelter near Chicago. Isn't he precious?

He will need the works, and his bill will run around $1800.00.

We don't ask if we don't need help.

For everyone, we will need at least $10,000.


I know that some of you are on vacation.

I'm praying that there are enough of you that are home, to be able to help us.

I'm here and will issue all matching donation challenges.

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

This is most urgent.

These are a lot of dogs... needing major help, right now. All My Love, Robin

 Florida Charity Registration # CH37698

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Executive Director Since 1998

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3316 S 72nd West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107

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