January 2024

Issue Highlights

  • UC NCORP Recognition

  • Newly Activated Studies

  • Accruals, Biospecimens & Special Entries

  • Diving into Disparities

  • Smiling Faces

NCORP Administrator Webinar

UC-NCORP received recognition in various categories at the NCORP Administrator Webinar. Way to go!

The green highlights for CCDR denote that we also were in the TOP 10 last year!

SWOG Newsletter

SWOG Newsletter: Winter 2023

Check out the Winter SWOG CRA Newsletter! This issue contains an abundance of helpful information. Learn more by clicking the link below!

SWOG Newsletter

Research Base Meetings

The NRG Winter Meeting will take place in-person only in Orlando, FL from February 15, 2024 - February 17, 2024.

More Information

Newly Activated Studies

These studies have recently activated.

More information can be found on CTSU.

  • NRG-HN011: A Randomized Phase II Study of Nivolumab Versus Nivolumab and BMS-986016 (Relatlimab) as Maintenance Treatment After First-Line Treatment With Platinum-Gemcitabine-Nivolumab for Patients With Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Recurrent/Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (REMAIN)

  • A032103: MODERN: An Integrated Phase 2/3 and Phase 3 Trial of MRD-Based Optimization of ADjuvant ThErapy in URothelial CaNcer

  • EAY191-E5: A Randomized Phase II Study of AMG 510 (Sotorasib) With or Without Panitumumab in Advanced Solid Tumors: A ComboMATCH Treatment Trial

  • NRG-GY033: A Phase II Study of Androgen Receptor (AR) Inhibition by Darolutamide in Combination With Leuprolide Acetate and Exemestane in Recurrent Adult-Type Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumor

Monthly Coordinator Call

Monthly Coordinator Meeting

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The meeting will be held from

2:00PM - 3:00PM

on Microsoft Teams.

If you did not receive a recurring Teams calendar invite for these meetings please reach out to Sahra Khan, SKhan@gibbscc.org.

The link for this Thursday's meeting is below.

Coordinator Call

Accruals, Biospecimens & Special Entries

CCDR Corner

Sites still sought for the one-time CCDR Connect Survey.

Don't snooze and lose out on the opportunity to complete a one-time questionnaire for CCDR effort...

Wake Forest 2300CD:Practice Survey for Multi-Site Community Oncology Planning for the CONNECT Intervention Targeting Lung Cancer Caregivers 

Contact Melyssa to participate

All About AYAs

Diving into Disparities

American Cancer Society's Cancer Statistics 2024 Report

The American Cancer Society released the 2024 Cancer Statistics Report in mid-January. Data in the report published by Siegal et al. in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians discusses how cancer mortality continues to decline in the United States because of reductions in smoking, earlier detections for some cancers, improved treatment options, and recent developments in targeted therapies and immunotherapy. However, progress is lagging in cancer prevention, as incidence continues to increase in breast, prostate, pancreatic, melanoma, and cervical cancers, and progress is stagnant in reducing cancer disparities among Black Americans, American Indians, and Alaska Natives. Increasing investment in cancer prevention and mitigating cancer disparities through expanded access to high-quality care, especially among individuals from racial and ethnic backgrounds, is a step towards accelerating the overall national fight against cancer. 

For more information, follow the Cancer Statistics 2024 Report link below: 

Cancer Statistics 2024 Report

Smiling Faces

Elyssa Rivera joined us in December as a

Clinical Research Associate for the TMIST team.

Welcome Elyssa!

Do you have any staff you would like highlighted in The Connector?

Please submit it by the 15th of the month to Jetta: Jturner@gibbscc.org

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Kamara Mertz-Rivera, MA, CCRC

Email: UpstateNCORP@srhs.com

Phone: 864-560-6104

eRegulatory Systems

Laura Bailey, BS, CCRP

Email: UpstateNCORPRegulatory@srhs.com

Phone: 864-560-6954


Josh Acuna, MPH

Email: UpstateNCORPRegulatory@srhs.com

Phone: 864-530-6523

AYA Coordinator

Heather Schwartz, MPH, HTL

Email: heather_schwartz@bshsi.org

Phone: 864-603-6212

Grant Manager

Alex Akkary, MBA

Email: UpstateNCORPFinance@srhs.com

Phone: 864-560-6967

Quality Assurance

Sahra Khan & Jessica Michael

Email: UpstateNCORPQA@srhs.com

Phone: 864-530-6510

CCDR Director

Melyssa Foust, MSN, RN, OCN

Email: UpstateNCORPCCDR@srhs.com

Phone: 864-560-1035

Community & Social Media 

Alaina Kennedy, BA

Email: akennedy@srhs.com

Phone: 864-560-6882

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