February 2023

Issue Highlights

  • UC-NCORP Annual Meeting

  • NRG Meeting Recap

  • NCI News

  • Smiling Faces

Save the Date!

Newly Activated Studies

These studies have recently activated.

More information can be found on CTSU.

  • S2302: Pragmatica - Lung: A Prospective Randomized Study of Ramucirumab (LY3009806; NSC 749128) Plus Pembrolizumab (MK-3475; NSC 776864) Versus Standard of Care for Participants Previously Treated with Immunotherapy for Stage IV or Recurrent Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • AOST2032: A Feasibility and Randomized Phase 2/3 Study of the VEFGR2/MET Inhibitor Cabozantinib in Combination with Cytotoxic Chemotherapy for Newly Diagnosed Osteosarcoma

NRG Semi-Annual Meeting Recap

Furkan Ertem, MD, SRHS Gastroenterologist, new NCORP PI and NRG Oncology panelist! Dr. Ertem spoke about leading the Spartanburg team for the Five or Ten Year Colonoscopy for 1-2 Non-Advanced Adenomatous Polyps (FORTE) trial.

The team at St. Francis received recognition as a top accruing NCORP site to NRG NCORP Trials

Upstate Carolina NCORP received recognition for Outstanding or Exceptional Performance Reports in all quarters in 2022

NCI News

Doing More—Together—to End Cancer as We Know It

NCI Director, Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, reflects on the progress made in cancer research and the need for collaboration to end cancer as we know it.

Follow the link below to read the article

Click Here

Quality Matters

In preparation for the on-site ATOMIC monitoring visit, Sahra Khan, UC-NCORP QA and Kristen Ford, MSN, RN dropped by St. Francis to pre-review patient charts. This should be the first of more regular "QA check-ins" with affiliates as Sahra completes her training and orientation. UC-NCORP strives to always be "audit ready" and regular quality review supports this goal.

Study Monitor Review

A021502 (ATOMIC)

2 subjects, BSSF

3 subjects, SMC

Review completed February 21, 2023 - report to follow

Diving into Disparities

Black History Month: Be the Change

Black History Month honors the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans who helped shape our nation. For centuries, African Americans have been essential to advancing oncology research and medicine. However, many achievements and contributions have yet to be highlighted or celebrated due to unjust racial and systemic barriers.

Upstate Carolina NCORP emphasizes acknowledging the past to provide a better future. As clinical researchers and healthcare providers, we are proud to commit to honoring the work of African American people. We are responsible for enhancing cancer research and improving cancer health outcomes for patients from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Click the link below to visit the NIH Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion website – Commemorating Black History Month 2023!

NIH Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 
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