June 12, 2024 | Issue 97

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Mindfulness Activities

Daily Meditation & Contemplative Practice Offerings: Breathing breaks, reflection journaling, monthly morning practice, midweek mantras, mindful drawing, and meditation. This is a virtual offering from Pratt Institute and is free & open to all.

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Thriving Story: Prototyping Community Ideas

Cindy Ornstein, retired Director of Arts & Culture for the City of Mesa, AZ and Executive Director of the Mesa Arts Center, describes a new initiative funding artists to create prototypes in response to community input.

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Article: Luxury homebuyers can now get an art collection as part of the deal

Discover how Paul Lester, a visionary real estate agent in Los Angeles, is transforming luxury home sales by seamlessly blending high-end art with property showings. Dive into the story of how art and real estate intersect to create stunning, sell-out homes and read on to see the impact of this creative strategy on the market.

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A small action that you can do to help you prepare and survive an emergency!

Prepare your business for most likely weather emergencies in your area

What's the most likely emergency in your area? Hurricane? Tornado? Earthquake? Flooding? Hazard-specific versions of the Ready Business Toolkit series offer step-by-step guides to build preparedness within an organization. English and Spanish.

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Podcast: Art Restart - Griff Braun

Discover the compelling realities of the art world with Griff Braun, AGMA’s national organizing director, in this riveting interview on Art Restart. Explore the hidden struggles and triumphs of ballet dancers, their fight for fair wages, better working conditions, and recognition of their labor. Uncover how the pandemic spurred a wave of unionization in dance companies and what it truly means to be a dancer in today's America.

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The annual Artists Thrive Summit creates hope for your work!

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The Artists Sifting Through Your City’s Garbage

When Mierle Laderman Ukeles became the first artist-in-residence at NYC’s Department of Sanitation in 1977, it was revolutionary. Nearly 50 years later, her work inspires municipal arts programs nationwide. Now, a Manhattan exhibition showcases her pioneering contributions alongside nine new waste facility artists. Explore how these artists transform trash into powerful art.

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Public Art Passport to open 13 outdoor exhibits across mid-Michigan

The Public Art Passport Great Lakes Bay Exhibition from the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum is set to run from June through August. The art ranges from sculptures to murals, with QR codes people can scan to learn more about each piece. This article contains a map of the exhibits.

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Call for Applications: International Documentary Association

The International Documentary Association offers two grants through one application portal. IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund supports in-depth explorations of original, contemporary stories that integrate journalistic practice into the filmmaking process. The Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund supports feature-length documentary films that reflect the spirit and nature of Pare Lorentz's work, exhibiting objective research, artful storytelling, strong visual style, artistic writing, and outstanding music composition, as well as skillful direction, camerawork, and editing. Both require a director or producer with at least two feature films of experience.

Application Deadline: June 25, 2024

Grant: $25,000 - $75,000

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Join the next Artists Thrive Meetup

Our next meet-up is June 27, 2024 at 3:00PM EST. Join online and connect with fellow artists.

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Call for Applications: Washington State - Grants for Artist Projects (GAP)

Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) are unrestricted project-based grants awarded to 65 artists working in all disciplines across Washington State. Funding may be used for but not limited to artist fees, materials, equipment, space rental, travel for research, documentation, professional development opportunities, marketing and promotion, support to continue a current project, support to start a new project, and many other needs related to your project.

Application Deadline: June 21, 2024 at 11:59PM

Grant Amount: $1,500

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Call for Applications: Weather Photographer of the Year

Standard Chartered offers four contests that are free and open to applicants worldwide. The competitions include Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year, Standard Chartered Smartphone Weather Photographer of the Year, Standard Charter Young Weather Photographer of the Year, and Standard Chartered Climate Award. Applicants can be any ability. Photographers can submit a maximum of five images per category. Images must have been taken between June 18, 2019 to June 18, 2024.

Application Deadline: June 18, 2024

Award: £750 - £5,000

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