Dear Stakeholders,

I’m writing to share some exciting news about progress on the St. Bernard Transportation Corridor—the new roadway that will connect Lower St. Bernard to the interstate system. This morning, Governor Edwards announced that the Regional Planning Commission awarded a contract for the study that will formally document the need for the roadway (along with other transportation improvements) and will determine its alignment. This is a great step forward for the infrastructure that will support the Louisiana International Terminal, as well as future population and business growth in St. Bernard Parish.

Read more in the Governor’s press release here.

As you may have heard, along with several other important projects around the state, funding for the Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) was unexpectedly removed from the Capital Outlay bill at the last minute as session ended last week. This was surprising and disappointing, as the LIT projects had widespread and bipartisan support from all areas of the state throughout the two-month session.  

To be clear, however, the development of the Louisiana International Terminal remains on track. Funding for the current phase is in place. The Port of New Orleans will continue to make progress on delivering this infrastructure needed to keep Louisiana competitive in the global market.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach me via email at or (504)528-3227. 


Kylie Mills

Communications and Community Engagement Manager

Port of New Orleans

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