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Summer is winding down but alternative ingredients are ramping up! Check out the latest updates from the F3 Team below. 

F3 Challenge

We are in the final leg of the F3 Challenge - Carnivore Edition and proud to announce that competitors have sold a combined total of over 3,185 metric tons of fish-free feed so far. An estimated 88 million forage fish have been saved from being fish food since contestants began reporting sales, according to our forage fish savings calculator! We hope to see you at the Global Seafood Alliance’s GOAL Conference this October where we will announce our winners!

Check out our latest news release!

F3 Research

Research on alternative ingredients continues to grow as supply chain disruptions and increasing feed costs necessitate more optionality in feed formulations. The F3 Team has already published several articles this year demonstrating the effectiveness of alternatives in the diets of top aquaculture species. Stay tuned for more!

F3 in the News

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