Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration Releases Development Guidebook, Improves Business Licensing and Permitting Processes
In line with ongoing economic recovery initiatives, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration announces improvements to business licensing and permitting processes. During a virtual presentation on Wednesday, recommendations from the Task Force to Reform Government Permitting Procedures were reviewed and the adoption of the recommendations were detailed. The Task Force was established in February 2019 through Executive Order 2019-04. 

To provide residents with a public and central source of information containing current laws, regulations, permits, clearances and established guidelines for local development, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration has also released the 2022 Guidebook to Development Requirements on Guam.

The Guidebook is a powerful reference tool for: 
  1. outlines and summaries of application processes, procedures and requirements
  2. clearance policy breakdowns
  3. checklists for plan review and document submissions
  4. process flow charts
  5. References to Executive Orders, laws, rules and regulations, ag opinions, and other supplemental information. This includes hyperlinks to that information online in the digital version
  6. a permitting matrix 
  7. current forms
  8. fee structures and schedules
  9. license and permitting agency directories
  10. and links to tools, resources and manuals available online 

The guide was produced by the Bureau of Statistics and Plans’ Guam Coastal Management Program with input from the Task Force to Reform Government Permitting Procedures and collaboration from the permitting and licensing agencies. This resource is the most comprehensive source of information for development-related permitting on Guam but is not a completely exhaustive account of all potential requirements. 

The 2022 Guidebook to Development Requirements may be viewed at BSP.guam.gov/blpc.
Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration Announces Employment and Job Training Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry
The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration announces the availability of employment and job training opportunities in the hospitality industry. The Guam Department of Labor through the American Job Center is actively recruiting interested individuals for the Work Experience program, which is designed to help unemployed people obtain work experience and learn fundamental job-ready skills in order to thrive in the workforce.

We are pleased to have Shawn Gumataotao lunch with us and speak about how federal funding is used in Guam. Join us in welcoming Shawn and our fellow members as we gather and share the opportunities that face-to-face meetings can bring to our businesses. We look forward to seeing you there!
98th Anniversary Gala Celebration
SAVE THE DATE: September 24, 2022
Hyatt Regency Guam
Your Chamber is looking forward to celebrating our 98th Anniversary with you on Saturday, September 24th! We'll be celebrating our members that are commemorating their own milestone anniversaries, too! Dust off those party outfits and pencil us in for a night of good people and milestone celebrations!

Table and sponsorship opportunities will be available soon!
Or make checks payable to the Guam Chamber of Commerce
Sip with Us and Learn more about
Do you believe it's time to make a difference in our community? If you want to influence change in our legislature, we encourage your support of ACTION PAC. You are cordially invited to join us for some bits and sips to learn more about the PAC on Thursday, April 28th from 5:00 - 8:00 pm at the Chamber office in Hagåtña. Contributions are encouraged and welcomed. Click on the banner for details. Proceeds will be donated to the PAC to support its BPT rollback campaign.

Learn more by clicking on the PAC's news page and engaging with the PAC by joining its membership (it's free!) or by following and interacting with the PAC on social media! Click on their website for details!

Let's Take Action for a better Guam! #JointhePAC

AmChams of Asia Pacific Updates
AAP 2022 Business Summit
The AmChams of Asia Pacific will hold its 2022 Business Summit in Hanoi on May 20th. This annual event is hosted by a different AmCham each year from around the region along with in-depth examination of specific industry issues of critical importance to AmCham Members.

U.S. Chamber Updates
Why the Supply Chain Might Be Improving

Long-standing issues with the supply chain might be getting better. 

Why it matters: This will ease upward pressure on prices and make it easier for consumers and businesses to buy items that have been in short supply.

By the numbers: Industrial production rose 0.9% in March, which was double expectations. The biggest cause of the jump was a sharp 8% rise in motor vehicle and parts output. The surge in production was taken by many as a sign more cars will hit the market.

Another data point the Chamber has watched is the number of ships waiting to be unloaded at the L.A. and Long Beach ports. 

  • Before the pandemic, there were no ships waiting. But because of increased demand, slowdowns at ports and railyards, and a shortage of truckers, that surged to 103 in January.

  • Now, under 40 ships are waiting to be unloaded, which is much better, but far from the pre-pandemic norm.

Be smart: Wells Fargo’s pressure gauge of supply chain metrics shows a gradual improvement, although there are still pockets of concern. 

Looking ahead: Keep an eye on the COVID-19 lockdowns in China and the impacts of the Russian war in Ukraine on food and energy supplies.

—Curtis Dubay, Senior Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Don't Blame Businesses for Inflation

Rising costs are making it hard for American families and businesses to get ahead. The Biden administration and some policymakers are blaming businesses unfairly for rising prices.

Why it matters: As former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said, “Every time a Washington policymaker suggests that this is caused by corporate greed or some such, they are delaying the date at which we will achieve the credibility necessary to bring down inflation with stable employment.” 

What’s happening: Pandemic-related shocks, a tight labor market, and loose monetary and fiscal policy have limited the supply of many goods while boosting demand. This has created broad-based price increases.

  • When input costs rise businesses must either lose money or raise prices.

Bottom line: Let’s address the real root causes of inflation. While monetary policy remains the best tool to fight it, policymakers should also focus on easing regulations, reducing tariffs, and increasing domestic energy production.

Articles of Interest:

Resources & Planning
The Unique Entity ID is here! Here’s What You Need to Know
Here is a snapshot of what’s new at SAM.gov as of April 4, 2022: 
  • The DUNS Number has been removed and the Unique Entity ID is now the identifier of record for all entities in IAE systems.
  • SAM.gov generates the Unique Entity ID, which will be used in federal award systems.
  • SAM.gov searches, contract data, ad hoc reports, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and extracts use the Unique Entity ID. You will no longer find the DUNS number in any SAM.gov searches, views, or extracts.
  • Entities now make updates to their legal business name and physical address through SAM.gov. Once you select “Create Incident'' through the update entity information workflow, you will monitor the status of your ticket in your SAM.gov Workspace or in the Federal Service Desk (FSD.gov) instead of going to Dun & Bradstreet. 
  • Entities registering for the first time will be assigned a Unique Entity ID as part of the registration process.
Here is what you can do now that the Unique Entity ID from SAM.gov is authoritative.
View Guam SBDC's
View Guam PTAC's
If you would like to vote but are not registered, you can register online at the Guam Election Commission's website. You will need to have either a valid Guam Drivers License or Guam identification card to register electronically. 
Dates to remember:

·     Guam Primary Election: Saturday, August 27, 2022 [Polls open: 7 am - 8 pm]
·   General Election: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
[Polls open: 7 am - 8 pm]
Startup Weekend Sustainability Micronesia
Techstars Startup Weekend
Sustainability Micronesia
Wednesday, April 27- Friday, April 29
Registration Fee: $15

Join a three-day event with other participating islands and share ideas and build potential products with focus on sustainability. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

For more information, you may contact SBDC Pacific Islands Network at (671) 735-2592 or email sbdc@pacificsbdc.com.
I Bisinun Mami- Malesso' & Humåtak
Friendly reminderI Bisinun Mami- Malesso' & Humåtak next training will be at the Malesso Senior Citizen Center on Saturday, May 7 and 14, from 9am to 12pm.  
Below is the link to register for I Bisinun Mami and our Village Training Calendar.
Should you have any questions, contact me directly at darlene@gumaguam.com or 671-646-3448.