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Dear Friends,

This Sunday, we will return to Mark’s Gospel to look at two of Jesus’s parables from the earth. Jesus uses the image of seed growing without a farmer knowing how and the image of the mustard seed that grows into the largest of bushes to teach lessons about the kingdom of God. 

The image above is of a mustard plant in Israel, perhaps much like the one Jesus referenced in his parable . David Lose ( describes mustard as more of an invasive weed than an ornamental bush. It is something that you would want to control or it might take over your whole garden. What does it mean that God’s kingdom grows wild and in ways we cannot anticipate or understand? I hope you will join us Sunday as we seek to have ears to hear the message Jesus is speaking for us today.

In Christ,

Rev. Cameron Smith

This Week at YPPC

Elder of the Week: Beth Cohen-Nault, (843) 364-4113

Saturday, June 15

  • Doug Tillman - Celebration of Life: 12 PM

Sunday, June 16

  • Sunday School & Nursery: 9:45 AM
  • Worship: 11 AM
  • Fellowship: 12 PM (Provided by Congregational Ministries)
  • Cub Scouts: 4 PM
  • Our 11 AM worship service is available at and on Facebook early every Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, June 18

  • Sermon Starter Bible Study: 10:30 AM
  • Ladies Evening Circle: 6 PM

Thursday, June 20

  • Ladies Morning Circle: 10:30 AM

Friday, June 21

  • Meals-On-Wheels (delivered by Lynn & Sue Browning): 9:30 AM
  • Weekly Update sent to your e-mail: 6 PM

Saturday, June 22

  • Scrapbookers: 9 AM - 9 PM

Glorifying God

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Scripture Readings: Psalm 138 and Mark 4:26-34

Sermon: ""Miracle Grow"

Liturgist: Dr. Al Eads

Growing Disciples

Celebrate the Life of Doug Tillman

We will gather to celebrate the life of Doug Tillman with Doug’s family and friends for a special time of fellowship tomorrow at 12 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

It’s Time for Women’s Circles - All ladies are invited to join us for this month’s circle meetings. Each meeting has time for devotion, fellowship, and prayer. Plus, you can order whatever you’d like to eat and drink!

  • Our Evening Circle meets at 6 PM on Tuesday, June 18 at Famulari’s in Tanner Plantation. We will have a kids’ table.
  • Our Morning Circle meets at 10:30 AM on Thursday, June 20 at Panera Bread by Tanger Outlets.

Everyone Is Invited to Family Movie Night - We will gather upstairs in the Youth and Ministries Building to watch Angels in the Outfield while we enjoy pizza and popcorn on Friday, July 5 at 6 PM. Bring a comfy pillow or chair if you would like and be sure to let Martha Trussell know you will join us so that we will have enough pizza and popcorn for everyone.

One Vine, Many Branches

Are Your Branches Connected to the True Vine?

John 15:5

August 24, 2024

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church

Save the Date for STEPS - This presbytery-wide event is a wonderful opportunity for church members, teachers, ministry teams, worship/music leaders, officers, and staffs to enrich their faith and understanding of the church.  S.T.E.P.S. will take place Saturday, August 24 and will offer two workshop sessions, with worship in between. Lunch will follow the second workshop and a boxed lunch may be purchased for an additional cost.  Registration information is on the presbytery website ( and printed brochures will be available in the YPPC vestibule or you can go to to view it online.  We hope to see you at S.T.E.P.S. 2024!

Meeting Human Needs

It’s official: We’ve kicked off the 2024 Hands of Christ season with a children’s skit and the Ice Cream Social!

It was a great Sunday and the children did a remarkable job with their skit which explained “Hands of Christ” – what it is and how we do it. Thank you to Martha Trussell for her direction and to our young participants. The skit ended with the children singing our HOC song, “We are the Hands of Christ”, written and played by our own Joan Owen. Thanks to everyone who participated in kicking off this year’s distribution.

Last Sunday we also unveiled our new look for 2024 – Bright Collection Boxes to replace the worn-out pastel-colored ones we’ve used since 2014! 

Click here for detailed HOC information!

If you clicked the link above, you can see that much will be happening on August 5 and it will take a lot of VOLUNTEERS to make this a success. If you have not yet signed up to help, please visit the HOC Table in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday and add your name to the list to serve as the Hands of Christ.

YPPC Food Pantry

In June we will stock up on Canned Meat Products: Beef Stew, Chicken, Chili, Corned Beef Hash, Tuna, Salmon, etc. (Chunky-type soups with Beef are also needed.)

Updates from Session

  • The Scouts are going to recharter 
  • The Session approved new job descriptions for the Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper.
  • The Session has approved a new sub-committee of the Congregational Care Committee for Evangelism.
  • The Session received a report from Commissioner Terri Myers from the Spring Meeting of CAP on May 14.

Annual Leave Notice

Martha Trussell will be out of the office this week on study leave at Montreat. Should needs arise while she is gone, please contact Rev. Cameron Smith.

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