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Newsletter  20 April 2023| Issue 2023-04

Spoken Chinese: What Dialect Do You Speak?

In our last newsletter, we covered the major difference between traditional and simplified Chinese characters. Even with the difference created in the past several decades, written Chinese remains largely unified among Chinese communities all over the world. However, spoken Chinese is a completely different story. Mandarin is considered standard spoken Chinese that most Chinese people can understand. But Chinese people still have a hard time understanding each other even today when they travel a few hundred miles away from their hometowns. It is all because of the different dialects, not to mention various minority languages. The author of this newsletter used to travel in various areas in China where Cantonese, Minnan, and Tibetan are spoken, he needed interpreters unless it was in written Chinese.

To understand this phenomenon, check out the following video.

Chinese - The Sinitic Languages

The 24 Solar Terms:

Grain Rain, April 20  (gǔ yǔ 谷雨)

The early crops show their shoots due to increasing rains. The rains bring the grains. That's the meaning of this last term of spring.

For this issue, we picked a pipa solo named Spring Rain to share with you. To know more about this instrument pipa, click the link.

Pipa solo “Spring Rain”|China National Traditional Orchestra

A Chinese Dish to Try

Dry-fried Green Beans

Chef Wang shares how to make this dish at home. This is one of the author's favorites when he lived in Southwest China.

Dry-fried Green Beans

Events and News in Colorado

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

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