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Newsletter  22 December 2022| Issue 2022-06 

Dong zhi, Winter Solstice, a giant hidden holiday in China

Compared to the Chinese New Year, Winter Solstice is almost an unknown Chinese holiday outside China. However, traditionally, it has been a significant holiday for a couple of thousand years. Winter Solstice was celebrated before the establishment of the Chinese New Year. The significance could be that this day has the shortest daytime and has most yin and least yang according to the Taoists.

In recent Chinese history (Ming and Qing Dynasties), the emperors led worship rituals on this day and prayed for a good year for the nation.

To learn more about dong zhi, check out this video below.

Winter Solstice, December 22nd 

(dōng zhì 冬至)

The daytime is the shortest and the nighttime is the longest of the year.

Herb teas for this term (Dec. 22 - Jan. 4):

  1. Ginseng flower, white chrysanthemum, and wolfberry (3:3:10)
  2. Longan (5, remove the shells) and jasmine flowers (1:1)

Instruction: Numbers indicate portions of each herb. Soak herbs in hot water for a few minutes. Honey or crystal sugar can be added for sweetness. 

How do the Chinese celebrate dong zhi?

In north China, dumplings are an absolute necessity.

In Southern China, one of the favorites is a hot-pot dinner with lamb.

Events & Announcements

21 January 2023

The celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival has been updated to Saturday, January 21st, 2023. The Community Cultural Collective will be hosting a select number of cultural events at the City Auditorium prior to its planned renovation in early 2023…and CSCCI's Festival made that select list. We will therefore be staging the Festival back at the City Auditorium just prior to the start of renovations.

Click here to check out the details of the 24th Chinese New Year celebration in Colorado Springs. 

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