Monday, May 26
May Events & Updates No. 2

A reminder that the ECESF/CPAC Workforce joint meeting, focused on understanding liability issues for ECE sites during COVID-19, is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27 at 1 pm. Please register  to receive the ZOOM information needed to join. 
This newsletter includes the following information and links useful to you and your ECE community:
  • A survey conducted by Yale Child Study Center, is focused on potential exposure to COVID-19 through child care. This is something our community needs carefully studied—please participate. Survey response required by this Friday, May 29.
  • Workshops focused on liability issues, safety guidelines for operating, and developing operational budgets under COVID-19
  • Shelter in Place updates: San Francisco Department of Health 5/22 order, clarifications, and guidelines
  • ECE access to testing and supplies
  • ECE Workforce, Family, and Community Resources
  • Virtual conferences—NAEYC & CA AEYC
Take care—and hope to see you tomorrow on ZOOM,

Sara Hicks-Kilday
ECESF Director
Survey: Study of possible spread of COVID-19
Your assistance is needed as a provider of child care, and/or in sharing this study with child care providers. Responses are needed by Friday, May 29. See the full message about the study and links to participate here and below. Here are excerpts:
“The survey will be conducted as a confidential survey (12-20 minutes) of child care providers across the nation using a secured online survey platform asking a series of questions about COVID-19 exposure potential and symptoms, as well as different methods of reducing the spread of COVID-19 that providers may or may not have used.

“This is one of the largest workforce epidemiological studies ever attempted. The only way that we can reach the massive number of child care respondents necessary to answer these critical questions is through your help.

“As a measure of thanks, we will randomly select at least 10 people who complete the online confidential survey to win a check for $500. Also, we will invite all of you to participate in a free online webinar where we will discuss the results and answer any questions you may have, including questions regarding the latest science on COVID-19 spread in classroom settings and how best to keep children and staff safe. This free webinar will be hosted by  Child Care Aware of America , where I am board president. We value you as colleagues in this work, and we would learn from your comments and questions.”

Walter S. Gilliam, PhD
Elizabeth Mears & House Jameson Professor of Child Psychiatry & Psychology Director, Edward Zigler Center in Child Development & Social Policy
Yale Child Study Center 

The linked email is in English and Spanish.
Para leer la versión en español de este mensaje desplácese a la segunda página. 
Liability Issues for operating under COVID-19
Wednesday, May 27, 1:00-2:30 pm
Joint ECESF/CPAC Workforce ZOOM Meeting
COVID-19 health and safety guidance

These virtual training review the latest guidance and best practices to care for children safely. Educators that participate in this training will be included on the Children's Council referral list and website.

Family Child Care Trainings
Thu, May 28:  Spanish 6:00-7:30 pm
Mon, Jun 1:  Chinese  (Cantonese) (Already Full)
Tue, Jun 2:  English 6:00-7:30 pm

Center Trainings
Wed, May 27:   English 6:00-7:30 pm
Operational budgets, LIIF Webinar, June 10
LIIF conducted a survey among the ECE community in SF to get a sense about what topics related to financial planning would be helpful at this time and looking into the future as well. The upcoming workshop was developed based upon your survey answers.

The Low Income Investment Fund and Community Vision have partnered to develop an online workshop for child development centers to assist you in taking a deep dive into your operational budgets during these unprecedented times. A financial tool has been created specifically for child care providers to use that will help with budgeting now and in in the future.
Shelter in Place: Updates for ECE
An Order of the Health Officer was issued on Friday, 5/22/20 . This order added child care programs and summer camps  for all children to the existing child care services already allowed , as part of the list of Additional Business that  may resume operations, subject to “further requirements in Appendix C-1 and any associated directives.”

The department is working to clarify some of the areas that have caused confusion—in particular distinguishing between  state-licensing 0-5 requirements and the requirements for child care programming for children over six years of age. Appendix C-1 provides clarification on the distinctions in group size requirements (limited to 10 in licensed 0-5 year-old programs, and 12 for programs serving children over 6) as well as dates at which different programming can begin.

The directive has been amended as follows:
“For clarity, as of May 22, 2020, existing Childcare Programs may continue and new Childcare Programs may begin to operate for the children of parent(s) or guardian(s) who are owners, employees, volunteers, and contractors of Essential Businesses, Essential Governmental Functions, Outdoor Businesses, or Additional Businesses, as long as they comply with the above conditions and the relevant industry-specific directive. On June 1, 2020, Childcare Programs may begin to operate for all children. Summer Camps may not begin to operate for any children before June 15, 2020, and must comply with all of the requirements of the relevant industry- specific directive prior to beginning to operate. Childcare Programs and Summer Camps may operate for all or part of the day. (Added May 17, 2020; revised May 22, 2020)” 

Read Appendix C-1 for additional requirements and clarifications.You can view the full Health Order  5/22 here . To stay up-to-date on San Francisco shelter in place orders go to the San Francisco Department of Health website .

In addition a directive of the Health Officer No. 2020-14 was issued today, 5/26, and can be viewed here . This directive outlines requirements for developing a Health and Safety plan and required parent/guardian communications.

A 5/22 Interim Guidance for Child Care Programs and Summer Day Camps is available here and on SFDPH's  Population Health Division page . It includes priority groups to enroll; a decision tree for deciding whether to open; and summer camp date guidelines, group size, and staffing requirements.

For additional questions, you can contact the School/Childcare Team Phone Line: 415-554-2830 or by email at .
ECE Access to Testing & Supplies
COVID-10 Testing for ECE  
Sign up to get tested  here
More details and locations here
ECE educators are essential workers. If you are an essential or frontline worker serving the community of San Francisco, you can be tested at any time. You do not need to be experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Essential workers include those who leave their homes to do their job and cannot maintain social distance or who interact with the public.
State Funds for Sanitization time and supplies
The California Department of Education/Early Learning & Care Division has sent notice to all Resource & Referrals for Cleaning and Supplies for Childcare Providers (CSCP) and guidance on supports for sanitization.

Excerpt from the notice: Eligible Providers
CSCP funding is available for both licensed and license-exempt center and home-based providers who are non-local educational agencies (e.g. tribal child care, community-based organizations, city or county, or private) and who provide ELC services to families receiving subsidies or private paying families. These entities also include community-based General Child Care (CCTR) and California State Preschool Programs (CSPP). Local education agencies (LEAs) will receive funding through a separate mechanism. Community-based providers that operate through an LEA’s CDE contract will receive funding through the LEA.

Apply for sanitization needs, on the Children’s Council website .

Full notice on supports for sanitization:
ECE supply purchasing privileges
Highlight of the Child Care Law Center's Coronavirus Resources updates—letter for family child care operators:

ECE site operators "are entitled to the same privileges as all other essential workers when you shop. We heard that some providers are having challenging experiences at the store so our beloved attorney, Patti Prunhuber, wrote this letter enlightening store staff that FCC are also essential workers . Please print this and take it with you when you go to a store, or show them on your cell phone. We also suggest you bring a copy of your provider license in case they ask for it."
Buying supplies for a center? Use your license and the paragraph referenced in the letter designating child care providers as part of the essential workforce. Check the Child Care Law Center website for regularly updated Coronavirus Resources targeting family child care—but useful to all child care and education site operators.

Virtual Conferences
NAEYC will offer over 100 presentations of content shared by NAEYC experts and a diverse group of presenters from all sectors of the industry. Our presenters include policy experts, higher education faculty, school leaders, researchers, and educators.

Starting June 1,
Six Weeks of FREE Online Professional Development
The 2020 Annual Conference and Expo is moving to a hybrid event. The hybrid event will include two platforms:
  • virtual experience June 1 - July 10; and
  • on-demand experience from July 1 through August 31.

Mark your calendars. More specific details and instructions about the virtual and on-demand conference experiences are coming in the next few weeks.