Bartlett Aquatic Center Update

bac splash pad

Dear Bartlett Aquatic Center Guests and Community,

As you are aware, the opening of Bartlett Aquatic Center (BAC) has unfortunately been delayed. The delay results from a backordered custom-made turbine pump that runs the filtration system for the main pool and white slide. Replacing the turbine pump is part of a capital project started last fall, and the pump was ordered months ago by our contractor. Unfortunately, we are facing continued delays from the distributor regarding the pump. As a result, the Park District reluctantly reports we cannot open the main pool and white slide at this time as we currently do not have a confirmed delivery date for the pump. This turbine pump is a large, custom-made unit that weighs over 1,000 pounds and is over 15-feet long; it is not something that can be readily purchased from a vendor or hardware store.

In the meantime, staff has been working diligently to open all other areas of the BAC which can be operated without the turbine pump. These areas include the BAC lazy river, zipline, blue tube slide, yellow body slide, red drop slide, and splash pad. In order to do this, certain safety measures needed to be in place before we could allow guests into Bartlett Aquatic Center while the main pool and white slide remained empty. Staff plans to open the above-mentioned areas for guests and the community on Saturday, June 8. Splash Central will also remain open during this time with access from BAC for guests who wish to utilize both locations. The BAC concession stand will open on June 8 with a full menu.

Beginning Saturday, June 8, the BAC lazy river, zipline, blue tube slide, yellow body slide, red drop slide, and splash pad, as well as Splash Central, will be open Monday through Friday from 12:30PM-5:00pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 1:00PM-7:00PM. During this time non-BAC passholders will be charged a reduced fee based on the daily fee structure for Splash Central which can be found here.

Additionally, BAC season passes will continue to be honored at Coral Cove Water Park at Carol Stream Park District until BAC fully opens. Please click here for more information about Coral Cove Water Park.

Like you, we are frustrated and want nothing more than to fully open BAC to guests and the community. Once BAC is fully open we will communicate an appropriate household credit to be issued to BAC season pass holders.

Please know, Bartlett Park District team members are maintaining constant communication with the contractor and distributor of the turbine pump to ensure our project is prioritized, and doing everything in our power to ensure Bartlett Aquatic Center can be fully operational on the earliest date possible.

We appreciate your continued patience and support while we do everything in our power to officially kickoff the 2024 BAC pool season, which the Park District and team members have been greatly looking forward to. Thank you!

Coral Cove Water Park

849 W. Lies Road

Carol Stream

Coral Cove Water Park ( May 25-BAC opening

Monday-Saturday: 11am-7:30pm

Sunday: 11am-6:30pm

Splash Central Indoor Pool

700 S. Bartlett Road

Splash Central (