Curious about USA-NPN plans for data product development?  I'm happy to share our updated Data Product Catalog with you, where you can find a summary of the derived data products we have available or plan to produce, including derived phenometrics and gridded maps. 

By now I hope you have had a chance to explore our new Phenology Observation Portal, released in September, which allows you to download Status and Intensity data, Individual Phenometric data, and Site Phenometric data. With over 8 million phenology status records now available in the National Phenology Database, we encourage you to dig in and check out what is available for your region and species of interest!  

This has been a year of substantial growth for the USA-NPN, and we are thrilled to see our data and products being used for numerous scientific studies.  We are proud to be involved in one such study you can read about below, a recent paper demonstrating how spring is advancing across U.S. National parks.

I would love to hear from you soon and find out how we can support your own phenology research and application needs! 

What's new at the USA National Phenology Network
Data Product Catalog

We have recently released the latest version of the USA-NPN Data Product Development Framework and Data Product Catalog, available as part of our Technical Report Series

This document outlines our approach to develop and deliver phenology products, which include phenometrics derived from in-situ observation records, available via our Phenology Observation Portal, and gridded phenology maps.  These products serve a broad audience of data users and help to achieve the USA-NPN goals to advance science and inform decisions. 

Land Surface Phenology validation

The USA-NPN recently participated in the 4th International Vegetation Index and Land Phenology workshop held in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The goal of this workshop was to discuss validation protocols for Vegetation Index and Land Surface Phenology products.  

We see an important role for high quality  in-situ phenology observations to contribute to this effort and look forward to working with our collaborators on these critical validation activities! 

Data and data products
Phenology Observation Portal

Have you had a chance to check out the new and improved Phenology Observation Portal? This new tool is a more streamlined, user-friendly way to download customized data files by location, dates, species, and phenophases. 

We've also included a brand new Site Phenometrics data type in the new tool - data summarized at the level of the site, or Nature's Notebook observation location. This makes it even easier to compare phenophase onset and end dates to climate drivers like seasonal temperature and precipitation.

Continental scale green-wave dataset

Did you know that USA-NPN has been running a targeted campaign effort to collect high-quality, consistent observations on Maples, Oaks, and Poplars since 2013? We encourage observations on these genera in 8 separate regions in the U.S. in order to have continental-scale coverage of related and ecologically dominant deciduous tree species.  

You can download these data as either a custom Status and Intensity dataset or a Phenometrics dataset via the Phenology Observation Portal. When you go to the "Species" menu, select "Species type" and "Green wave campaign" to restrict your dataset to the 11 target species.  

This dataset has strong potential to enhance both Land Surface Phenology validation efforts and predictive phenology model development; such research will inform and improve many crucial applications, including forest management and ecosystem modeling. 

PhenoCam project data scientist position

The Richardson Lab, in Harvard University's Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, seeks a postdoctoral research associate to join the PhenoCam project team as a data scientist. The ideal applicant will be interested in ecological applications of big data, and will also have prior training in computer science and programming.

Postdoctoral position in phenology

The Laboratory of Phenology, Department of Botany from São Paulo State University (UNESP) at Rio Claro, São Paulo, is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral position to participate in the FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo a Pesquisa do o Estado de São Paulo) - NERC - BIOME project: "Nordeste: new science for a neglected biome"

Research position in phenological adaptation

A 12 month position in Evolutionary Ecology research is open at Lund University for  a project on how organisms use environmental or internal cues to time key life history events such as reproduction or migration in seasonal environments. 

Upcoming meetings    
  • American Geophysical Union. San Francisco, CA. December 12-16, 2016. Staff from the USA-NPN will be presenting papers and posters throughout the week!
  • George Wright Society. Norfolk, VA. April 2-7, 2017. Be sure to check out concurrent session #82 entitled, "Shifting Seasons in Protected Areas: Science and Engagement in the New Century".
Research spotlight
Advancing spring onset across U.S. National Parks

The USA-NPN is part of a new study published in Ecosphere that shows spring is advancing in 75% of 276 National Parks studied. This shift is "extreme" in half of the Parks. The project used the Spring Indices, an index of spring developed by the USA-NPN and its partners to compare the recent timing of spring onset (past 10-30 years) to a historical range of variability (1901-2012). Learn more about what this study means for National Parks.


Kathy Gerst
Associate Research Scientist
Data Product Coordinator