May 25, 2023

Updated Eligibility for Mentorship Programs

The Law Society is expanding who can participate in Mentor Connect, Mentor Express and Table Talks as mentees.

Internationally trained lawyers who have been called to the bar in Alberta have always been eligible to participate. However, we are expanding the criteria for mentees to include those internationally trained lawyers who are still in the process of being called to the bar.

Effective immediately, any mentee with a completed law degree and who confirms their intention to pursue their legal career in Alberta will be eligible to participate in the Law Society's Mentorship programs.

This change will allow the Law Society to support the professional development of Canadian-trained lawyers and articling students, lawyers from foreign common law jurisdictions, non-common law jurisdictions such as Ukraine and Afghanistan, and graduates with Civil Law degrees.

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Registration Open for Mentor Connect & Mentor Express 

Registration is open for both Mentor Connect and the 2023–2024 Mentor Express programs. As a mentee, a mentoring relationship can encourage and empower your professional development, help you identify and achieve career goals, and increase your confidence. As a mentor, you get to learn from your mentees and share perspectives and experiences with others at a different stage of their careers.


Mentor Connect is a traditional mentorship program that matches mentors and mentees based on areas of law, geographical proximity, personal experience and similar interests. Pairs are matched for six months and meet regularly either in person or remotely depending on preference.

The Mentor Connect program runs year-round. Register as a mentee or a mentor at any time on our website.


Mentor Express is a non-traditional mentorship program. Mentees browse an online listing of mentors and choose one-hour sessions with those they are interested in meeting. The self-match system allows mentees to seek guidance and insight relevant to their own career development with a variety of mentors in different work settings.

The 2023–2024 Mentor Express program begins in October. Register as a mentee or a mentor on our website.


Lawyers who have practised at least five years, including active, inactive and retired lawyers, are eligible to serve as mentors in Mentor Express. The number of mentors included will be dependent on the number of mentees registered for the program. Mentor applicants will be added to a waitlist and notified in July if they have a spot in the 2023–2024 Mentor Express program. Bookings will begin in October and run to the end of March.


Any Alberta lawyer interested in our mentorship programs is eligible to participate as a mentee, but these programs are particularly beneficial for:


  • articling students;
  • new lawyers recently called to the bar;
  • lawyers in their first years of practice;
  • internationally trained lawyers;
  • Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) students; or
  • any lawyer seeking advice about transitioning to a new practice area or practice setting.


For more information and to register for either of the programs, visit our website or contact Customer Service.

June 21 National Indigenous People's Day Webinar – Journey to the Law

Please join us on National Indigenous People's Day for Journey to the Law – an opportunity to hear about the journey to becoming a lawyer for four Indigenous people at different points in their career.

Event Details

Journey to the Law

Wednesday, June 21 | Noon

Via Zoom Webinar

Jessica Buffalo, the Law Society's Indigenous Initiatives Counsel, will host the panel as they discuss their personal experiences, issues in the profession and how to continue to move forward, featuring: 

  • Katelynn Cave – Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada
  • Krysia Przepiorka – Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer, Calgary 
  • Lorel Clearsky – Articling Student, Calgary Legal Guidance
  • Tayla Basawa – Law Student, University of Calgary

Registration is now open. For more information about the Law Society's Indigenous initiatives, visit our website.

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New Learning Centre Modules 

The Law Practice Essentials course in the Law Society’s Learning Centre is intended to assist lawyers through the review of key practice management areas. It does not attempt to cover a complete knowledge base for each area but rather captures, highlights and provides an overview of core concepts.


We are pleased to introduce three new modules:


File Management

Establishing an organized and reliable file management procedure can improve peace of mind by helping to ensure alignment with Code of Conduct obligations and the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta.


Learn more about filling procedures and considerations.


Closed File Retention, Storage and Disposal

File retention, storage and disposal raise important regulatory, professional and statutory obligations. As contents of a closed file may be required to respond to a complaint or negligence claim, it is essential to understand which parts of a file the client or lawyer owns, as well as what should be kept on a closed file, why and for how long.


Learn more about acceptable file storage and destruction methods.  


Marketing Considerations and Finding Options that Fit

Marketing is an essential part of building and maintaining a successful practice, as lawyers need to promote themselves to attract clients and earn an income. Throughout the course of a legal career, marketing strategies will often shift to align with a lawyer’s focus and experience over time.


Learn more about different marketing options and considerations

Upcoming Events

But I Look Like a Lawyer Virtual Screening | May 30, 2023

Journey to the Law - Indigenous People's Day Webinar | June 21, 2023

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