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Dear Members of the Or Zarua Community:
Considering the rapid decrease in COVID-19 cases in our neighborhood, the OZ Health Task Force met Tuesday evening to review our health protocols.
Last night, informed by the Health Task Force's review, a special meeting of the Or Zarua Board of Trustees was held. The following updated health protocols are now in effect:
Masking - Wearing of masks in the building shall be optional. Everyone is free to choose to wear or not to wear a mask.
Vaccination and Testing Requirements - For entry into the Or Zarua building, one of the following requirements must be met and submitted in advance of the event. 
  1. Registration of vaccination status for all those who are eligible for vaccination must be provided to the office by clicking HERE or emailing Deborah at dwenger@orzarua.org. (Children who are not eligible for vaccination are able to enter the building.)
  2. In lieu of vaccination for those who are eligible, submission of the results of a positive antibody test (which demonstrates prior infection) may be emailed to Deborah at dwenger@orzarua.org.
  3. Starting next week, in lieu of vaccination for those who are eligible or submission of a positive antibody test, a negative PCR test result taken 48 hours ahead of entry may be sent to Deborah at dwenger@orzarua.org. With respect to attendance at weekly Shabbat services, please submit the negative PCR test result by the preceding Friday at 11:00 am.
Or L’Atid - We will maintain the same masking requirements as the NYC school system.
As always, if you think you may have any of the symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, or if you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must remain home.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will consider changes to the policy as the situation evolves and will continue to inform you of any changes in our safety protocols.
Wishes for best health and Shabbat Shalom!