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As we wake up this morning, news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is on every news channel. Of course this has been a hot topic for a while but let me share an article I found that highlights the key tension points and of course a second one that shares how this conflict could play out in the markets.

Click below for key points around the conflict just in case you need a refresh.

As for the markets, of course conflict means fear and as we saw over last week or so, the markets have already reacted. Below you will find a link to a great article from our partners at Fidelity Investments, that describes how this could play out in the markets. Few key take away are:

  • "The will contribute to increased short-term market volatility.

  • Disruption of Russian energy exports as a result of the conflict could temporarily contribute to rises in global energy prices.

  • Despite short-term geopolitical risks such as these, US investors should not lose sight of the long-term opportunities that international stocks may offer. Indeed, Hofschire's team expects international stocks to outperform US stocks over the next 20 years. Those expectations partly reflect the fact that US stocks have risen more than those of other countries over the past 2 years and US stock valuations are now high by historical standards."

Click below to read the entire article:

Lastly, as you can see from the two slides below, there are always reasons to invest as markets usually recover strongly following a crisis and a crisis provides an opportunity to buy into the market at a discount. Market and Crisis Visual