July 20, 2018

On July 25, 2018 the board received communication from the Arkansas REALTORS® Association concerning the petition to add additional candidates to the ballot for the upcoming election.

It was the determination of the Arkansas REALTORS® Association that the petition fails to meet all the necessary requirements.

The board has accepted the findings of the Arkansas REALTORS® Association in that this petition fails to serve the proposed purpose and must be rejected.

A copy of the Arkansas REALTORS® Association letter of determination is available for review here.

Our election of Officers and Directors will take place at the annual meeting on August 2, 2018 by voice vote. If the slate of candidates is voted down, this will create multiple vacancies on the Board of Directors. Those vacancies will be filled as provisioned in Article XI, Section 5 of our bylaws, which state:
Vacancies among the officers and the board of directors shall be filled by a simple majority vote of the board of directors until the next annual election.”

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