Tim Robertson of Nuka Research reported steady progress with the Cook Inlet Pipeline Study, having completed Phases 1 and 2 (regulatory framework and a validated inventory). Phase 3— Panel of Experts' review and recommendations—is ongoing. Under the charter, the Expert Panel is to recommend measures to reduce risks of failures that could threaten structural integrity. The Panel has met once in person and multiple times by teleconference. They have developed 230 scenarios associated with the potential loss of integrity and are scoring them by likelihood and consequences—environmental, social, and economic impacts. The Panel will review their differences and then meet September 31/October 1 in Anchorage to develop recommendations. We expect a report to be forthcoming by year's end.
With a grant to CIRCAC from the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Nuka developed a website with background information on Cook Inlet pipelines, and conducted a survey, public webinar, and public meeting. Questions from the participants pertained to emergency response, information/data, infrastructure, Inspection/Maintenance, Other/General. Nuka’s presentation is posted on CIRCAC's web page,  here .