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Transformation...a beautiful thing!
Summer, for me, has always been a time for reflection.  It is a time to look back with a grateful heart.  It is also a time to look forward with a heart of expectancy.  That's exactly where we find ourselves at Treasure in Clay.

As we ponder this past year we are amazed at what the Lord has done.  We spent a week in Uganda in late spring.  We again visited our dear friends in KabaGala.  What a picture of transformation.  We were both excited and amazed at the progress the village has made since 2009, when on our first visit, we found a small plot of land with a church and a building ready to collapse which housed 25 malnourished little ones in a fledgling school.

Our hearts were touched from day one and sensed there was something unique about this place, it's people and the land.  We wanted to be a part of investing in it's future.  Who knew what could happen in just eight short years?  We certainly did not.

We determined to feed the children (two meals a day) and made plans to make the small school room more permanent on our next visit, which we did (it is now being used as the kitchen for the school).  Our second trip we decided to step out in faith hopeful to raise funds to build a school.  And...that was just a beginning.  We continue to be amazed and blessed by what the Lord has done.  And, He's done it through people like you!  

As we have continued in partnership, these are some of the things we've seen in just KabaGala. 

     Built a block of rooms with a school office.
     Purchased more land and built new latrines.
     Added a bore hole for fresh and clean water for school and surrounding village.
     Added a playground.
     A new thatched open air hut for meetings, prayer, etc.
     Built another wing to the school to accommodate the 325 students in attendance.
     Continue to feed the children two meals a day.
     Provide children's multivitamins which has dramatically improved their health.
     Purchased uniforms for children in need.
Truly, what you see is words trying to explain what God has done...they are inadequate!  I am attaching a video taken by a first-time attendee of what was encountered as we drove into the property at the end of the road.  For those of who've been with this group multiple times, all I can say is, it took our breath away.    

God is Good!
God is Good!

Be blessed, you are a blessing...
The work goes on, The Word is spread and the Kingdom of God is advancing.  
And so, the work continues and there is still much to be done.  We are now supporting three feeding programs between Uganda and Kenya.  In total there are approximately 650 children a month being fed.  

We have been awarded a grant to begin the building of a complex in Kumi that will house homeless children, train ministers in Biblical studies as well as vocational training (as it seems bi-vocational pastors are more successful in their efforts.   Facilities will include a meeting hall used for conferences, church meetings, outreach into the community and various training programs.  

We have a tremendous opportunity to go back into Kenya, taking the Gospel to hungry saints.  We will be holding a conference with Catholic leadership in September.

Our heart's desire has always been to build the Kingdom, not a see the Gospel taken to the marginalized and often overlooked.  We share the Word of God, our lives and love.  As needs have made themselves known and God tugged at our hearts we have tried to provide.  No one stands more in awe of what God has done and is doing than we are.  Jesus Christ is in the transformation business!


Some of the ways you an continue to partner with us in the days ahead:

     - We have been asked to provide Bibles for 50  It is not
       unusual for people to not have a Bible of their own, even leaders.  We want                to fulfill this.

     - Jolly Kids School children are in need of new school uniforms.  They wear out
       quickly as they are likely their only clothes and they continue to grow.  

     - Continued needs in school feeding programs.

     - Supplies for new work in Kumi school and vocational training program.

     - Paperback books of the Gospel of John to be given to new believers and
       used in Bible Studies by believers wanting to grow in their faith.

     - Teachers and cooks at Jolly Kids School are volunteers.  We'd like to make
        a gift to them for their hard work and dedication.

     -  Homes for Hope.  These cost around $500.  They not only give a desparate
        family a new beginning, they become a lighthouse within their village to spread
        the Gospel.

     - General funds for conference costs.  We each pay our own travel expenses on  
        mission trips, but we feed the attendees and take care of overhead.  Each 
        conference costs in the neighborhood of $2500-3500.  A great investment.

     - Pray, Pray and Pray some more!

As God opens doors, we will endeavor to walk right through them!

To say thank you seems inadequate, but we are grateful beyond words.  Without you, none of this could have happened!  You are a blessing beyond measure. 

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