2021Update from Aron Ranen & DVworkshops
I miss all of you and the wonderful energy that happens during our workshops. Since the Pandemic, DVworkshops has temporarily stopped in-person learning. As a result I accepted a 6-month staff Video Journalist contract with The Associated Press in Los Angeles.

AP flew me up and down the West Coast to cover some of the most dangerous times in American History. I was able to rapidly create content in the field with methods taught at DVworkshops.

Below is a link to a Free tutorial that demonstrates how to quickly edit short videos.

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Aron Ranen on location in Portland, Oregon. Mask was only lowered for this photo.
13 Weeks in 13 Minutes
Video Journalist Aron Ranen 2020 Demo Reel
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Free Video Tutorial from DVworkshops' on-line training program @Vimeo

"How to Film & Edit

B-Roll (Cutaways) are one of the most important elements in video production.

I believe that great B-Roll is made from taking a series of shots, then later editing them next to each other, creating a sequence.

In other words, try to film 2-4 shots instead of one at a time. Think in terms of sequences. It's all explained in this free tutorial from my on-line video production training.

  • How to create a sequence for visual storytelling.
  • 3 Types of B-Roll
  • Best duration while filming
  • How to vary the look
  • Understanding PIVOT 1-2-3 Technique to create sequences of B-Roll quickly
  • Transitional B-Roll shots
  • Shot Size Editing Rules (you can not edit 2 Wide shots together)
DVworkshops on-line Videography and Storytelling Course
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