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Greenbelt Online picked up our article on the proposal basics: "A Bike Trail from Eleanor Roosevelt HS to NASA?"

Eimann from Delegate Nicole Williams' office emailed to let me know that Nicole has arranged a meeting with SHA/District 3 engineer Derek Gunn on Thursday September 15. I hope that becomes a kickoff meeting and lots of SHA engineers can get working on the project feasibility!

My main pitch points to SHA are 1.) SHA has done temporary bike/ped trails on 193 in Montgomery County, so it can be done (although I'd prefer jersey walls to flexposts on this one!) 2.) The Greenbelt East trail wouldn't diet car lanes, so pushback should be minimal from drivers. 3.) It's a huge potential connection between Maryland's soon-to-be expanded WB&A+ trail system and DC/Prince George's Anacostia River Trail System (ARTS), so this is a big regional transportation project, not just a local safety project, and 4.) the only big engineering seems like squaring off pork chop and slip lane structures -- trail advocates are fine with a narrow pathway around the utility poles near ERHS -- don't make the perfect the enemy of the good!

I had heard from Holly in the Planning Office that Greenbelt's City Council was going to approve a letter to the County Planning Dept asking to ensure there's trail along Rt 193 in Greenbelt East in the new MPOT, which would solidify the county's assent to the trail proposal. I didn't see a mention of that letter on the Sept 12 Greenbelt Council meeting agenda, though. I will check with Holly on Monday to see if that's still in the works.

I'll revisit the trail walk idea after we hear back from Del. Williams' meeting with SHA. Stay tuned!

That's all for now, and all suggestions welcome. -Jeff