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Upcoming Monday: ISBNPA2024!

We hope you all have a delightful weekend ahead. Ensure that you're well-rested to arrive at the ISBNPA2024 conference next Monday with maximum energy levels. 

Please remember, the conference's opening ceremony is slated to commence at 13:30 local time. We are set to kick off robustly with several scientific sessions. These include an awards session, a keynote address, and the Climate Action Panel.

Paperless Conference

1. Meeting App

The conference's meeting application is now readily accessible; you can find information in your inbox.

This app offers a comprehensive range of functions, such as allowing you to plan your schedule ahead of time and facilitating networking through the attendee hub.

We operate a paperless conference. Consequently, printed agendas will not be distributed. This approach aligns with our commitment to managing our carbon footprint and reflects ISBNPA's mission towards fostering both human and planetary health.

2. Abstract book

A preliminary version of the document will be accessible within the app. The final version will be generated several weeks post-conference. Please note, as mentioned earlier, we will not be providing printed copies of the abstract book.

Meeting Hub @ISBNPA2024

We have allocated specific times and locations within the program for you to engage in discussions and collaborations. Therefore, start planning your meetings for WEDNESDAY, May 22, 1415-1455h. While in Omaha, make use of the rooms we have reserved especially for you.

We also provide an additional room at the venue specifically designed for spontaneous discussions. Feel free to utilize this space during breaks or even during the scientific program sessions.

Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards and Fellows

The conference's scientific program begins on Monday. The first day features the Awards sessions, boasting over 50 presentations that were highly rated by Special Interest Groups and independent reviewers throughout the review process.

Please make sure you schedule these sessions to gain insights from the most groundbreaking work submitted to ISBNPA2024.

We will also be awarding the ISBNPA Tom Baranowsky Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious accolade is the highest recognition ISBNPA bestows upon colleagues who have made significant, ongoing contributions to behavioral nutrition and physical activity science. Be sure to keep an eye out for the announcement of this esteemed award's recipient in 2024.

Finally, we will be announcing our new ISBNPA Fellows during the conference. These are colleagues who have made noteworthy contributions to ISBNPA in various capacities.

Re-watch our first semester webinar season

The webinar season is over. If you have missed the season finale, or you want to watch any of the recordings, just go to our Youtube channel - please subscribe :-), our goal is to double our numbers - and access all 70+ webinars

Watch all the recordings on our [YouTube Channel]. And please subscribe, we are aiming at 400 subscribers until the end of the year.

IJBNPA latest publications

  • Zaleskiewicz, H., Kulis, E., Siwa, M. et al. Characteristics of built food environments associated with alternative protein food choices: a systematic review. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 21, 58 (2024).
  • Braune, T., Adams, J. & Winpenny, E.M. Exploring the changing association between parental and adolescent fruit and vegetable intakes, from age 10 to 30 years. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 21, 56 (2024).
  • Li, B., Valerino-Perea, S., Zhou, W. et al. The impact of the world’s first regulatory, multi-setting intervention on sedentary behaviour among children and adolescents (ENERGISE): a natural experiment evaluation. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 21, 53 (2024).
  • Porter, G.C., Hill, J.L., Heelan, K.A. et al. Using a customer discovery process to enhance the potential dissemination and scalability of a family healthy weight program for rural communities and small towns. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 21, 57 (2024).

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