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9/7/2022 Issue
_____Remember them?  
The U.S. Department of State (DOS) just remembered them.
           DOS officially announced that the COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE PHILIPPINES NEW PEOPLE’S ARMY and JAISH-e-MOHAMMED have not changed enough and are still endangering the national security of the United States.           
           Therefore, the designation of these organizations as FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS remains in force, unchanged.
           What does it mean? It is a renewal warning not to get involved with these organizations. Also, advise your friends and relatives in the Philippines not to get involved with them in any way, shape or form.
           A recent report says that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to provide an ID card to the many non-citizens who are apprehended while crossing the border into the U.S. and waiting for hearings in Immigration Courts. This card will also be given to any non-citizen detained by ICE inside the U.S.
           The name of the card would be SECURE DOCKET CARD (SDC).
           Its purpose would be to enable card holders easier and more accurate communication with the U.S. government. It is also said that this SDC card would be accepted by the TSA (Transportation Services Agency) at U.S. airports, as sufficient ID to permit air travel inside the U.S.
           This last feature would probably raise the question: why not offer such ID card to more non-citizens in the U.S. to be used by all as acceptable Federal ID?
           When? ICE plans to start issuing the Secure Docket Cards by the end of 2022.


           Not really.
_____The U.S. government finally published the official version of DACA regulations a few weeks ago. There is nothing really NEW in the hundreds of pages of this publication.
           As a reminder: DACA was a program started by President Obama in 2012 (about TEN years ago). Its purpose was to grant certain young non-citizens the right to stay and work in the U.S. TEMPORARILY. There were various requirements to be qualified, especially about age and education. The full name of the program was Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
           The initial estimate was that about 1.5 million young non-citizens would qualify for this benefit. Actually, only about 800,000 people applied and benefited from this really great program.
           The weakness of this program was that it was never made an official part of U.S. immigration laws. It was not passed as an Act of Congress because by the time President Obama got around to it, the Democratic party lost control of Congress. It did not even have the force of official REGULATIONS. What was it? Merely “guidelines” to immigration officers.
           Then came President Trump and cancelled the guidelines, but was blocked by some courts. Then some Republican Governors filed a lawsuit against the government in Federal court, claiming that President Obama did not have the legal authority to implement such a program.
______A Federal judge in Texas accepted this claim and issued an
order canceling DACA. The government appealed this order to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, where an appeal is still pending.
           Did the publication of the new DACA regulations make any change? Actually, NO. No new applicants can get DACA status, only renewals of old applicants are processed until the Court of Appeals makes its decision about the authority of the president to make such a program.


           The abilities of scammers have no limits. Now they pretend to be calling from the IMMIGRATION COURT.
           The U.S. Department of Justice issued a warning: non-citizens with REMOVAL cases in Immigration Court may get a phone call which shows up with a caller ID of the IMMIGRATION COURT. When the non-citizen answers the call, they are being told that the caller is from the Court and that because of some violation, the non-citizen is requested to send a certain amount of money.  
           Such calls are ALWAYS a SPOOF or a FAKE. Personnel of Immigration Courts never call anyone to request money, or even personal information.


           INTERPOL is an international organization of POLICE DEPARTMENTS. Most countries of the world belong to it. Interpol does not do investigations or arrests or any other enforcement actions. It only distributes information from members to members of the organization.
           If the police in one country wants to catch an escaped criminal, it sends a notice to Interpol and Interpol distributes it to all other Police Departments.
           This is called a RED NOTICE. When the U.S. receives such a Red Notice and if    U.S. ICE identifies a non-citizen as a subject of the Notice, they would probably detain this person and start REMOVAL proceedings against them.
           Recently, a non-citizen from El Salvador was identified as a subject and U.S. ICE obtained a Removal Order against him. He then filed a Petition for Review to the Court of Appeals.
           The court examined Interpol’s Red Notice and determined that it lacked any factual allegations against the subject person. The court declared that it is not sufficient for an Interpol Red Notice to state that a person is wanted, it must also explain in detail WHY they are wanted.
           The Order of Removal was cancelled.
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