because learning should be as playful as it is powerful! Engaging in enjoyable hands-on activities becomes an integral aspect of the learning process for children and youth. When kids associate learning with fun, they are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards education, laying a strong foundation for lifelong curiosity!

To enhance this experience, book a STEM workshop with us. Our presenters skillfully guide your students through a series of investigations and interactive experiences. As the months of February to June tend to fill up quickly, we encourage you to book now to reserve your spot! Click to reserve or email us at bookings@scientistsinschool.ca.

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Celebrate women and girls in STEM with us on February 11th! Tune in to watch an inspiring interview with Maryam Tsegaye, the winner of the International Breakthrough Challenge. Although this captivating discussion took place in 2021, its messages are timeless. At the age of 17, Maryam made history as the first Canadian to clinch this prestigious title. She candidly shares her experience and the significance of the win for a young Black female scientist. It's no surprise that this is our most popular interview. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation—it's a story your students won't want to overlook!

Grades 6-12.

Watch Spotlight with Maryam Tsegaye


Have you caught wind of the latest wellness secret for children? Kids need a regular dose of Vitamin N, where ‘N’ stands for Nature. The great outdoors offers a plethora of reasons why our children should be exploring nature.

Read our blog to find out how you can promote outdoor exploration for students at your school.

Blog: Benefits of Nature Exploration


A STEM exploration that engaged my students from start to finish! It was easy to see which curriculum expectations were being covered and through all hands-on activities. I lost count of how many times I heard a student exclaim 'This is so cool!' I will absolutely be booking another workshop for my class!"

- Grade 4/5 Teacher after Shine a Light workshop


Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 29th, as we unravel the science behind crafting cheese in our upcoming episode of Spotlight with Scientists in School, our STEM career video series. Invite your students to engage in the conversation with food scientist Mary Ann Ferrer on our YouTube Channel.

Ever wondered how the holes in Swiss cheese are formed? Curious if blue cheese is truly made from mould? Discover the answers to these questions and explore the most popular cheese globally. Don't miss out - join us to unravel the secrets and science of cheese production.

Watch Spotlight with Scientists in School

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