We provide all food, lodging, tools, equipment, and project coordination, so your volunteer team can focus on serving the community.
"This is an epic storm that is still continuing, the rivers are still rising. This is a monumental disaster for North Carolina."
- N.C. Governer Roy Cooper
CC International is going to be focusing efforts in the Fayetteville, Wilmington and New Bern, North Carolina. Over the next few weeks, the CC International Advance Team will be deciding where to locate our Volunteer Facility. We expect to start deploying volunteer teams in November.
Due to the historic flooding and hundreds of damaged households in North Carolina, we will be focusing on preparing flooded homes for restoration.

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This upcoming 2018-2019 Volunteer Season, we will have more volunteers on the ground in Puerto Rico than ever before. We need your help and your volunteer teams to continue to help rebuild the communities of Puerto Rico.

To be a part of the CCI Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Project, please fill out a Volunteer Team Sign Up Form .
“By spending time doing service work, instead of simply going home or to the beach, I was able to experience a different culture, help make an impact in a community in need of aid and receive the satisfaction of seeing a job completed.”
-2018 Puerto Rico Volunteer
Christian Science Monitor interviews Volunteers in Puerto Rico.
"It's an amazing experience for them to grow as individuals, they feel compelled to keep volunteering. They learn new interests and how they can contribute to making a difference."
-Volunteer from our 2017-2018 Season
“See, I was guilty of believing there was nothing I could do to help these guests (a term the team I’m part of now uses for “homeless”). They had become part of the scenery in Portland, camouflaged into the architecture. These people are simply… Human. With the same problems and junk that even I struggle with.”
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